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Birthday Bash (less)
2004-12-20, 9:03 a.m.

Status update on the state of the quit: Still going strong. Some pertinent data:

Quit Date is: 8/22/2004 7:00:00 PM
Time Smoke-Free: 119 days, 13 hours, 57 minutes and 2 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 2392
Lifetime Saved: 18 days, 6 hours
Money Saved: $489.60

I am most amazed by the number of cigarettes not smoked. That is an astounding number, and I only smoked a pack a day. I am also quite pleased with the $$ saved. Wiff still hasn't quit but she has asked me about the class I took. She wanted all the information, who the instructor was, etc. I gave her all the stuff I had. Unfortunately, in a rare fit of cleanliness I tossed out the workbook that was part of the class. Kept it for a long time, but the wiff never asked to read it. I toss it out and she wants it. Perfect.

Still, she has not pursued getting into any type of smoking cessation class. If she REALLY wanted to quit, she would be motivated to dig that up on her own, not have me spoon feed it to her.

Bowling is going along fine. Had a real breakthrough last week and bowled the best I hace in years. Most recent week wasn't quite that good, but the conditions were much different, didn't leave me the same shot options. Saw two rarities last night - some one picked the 7 - 10 split and, on the same pair of lanes, in the same game, someone bowled a 300. That's the second 300 game in this league this year. Only the first 7 - 10 conversion though.

Well - gotta go hit up the grocery store. Kiddies are home from school and the wiff is off to a work party. A goodbye party for the school superintendant. So it's me and the boys (and Z's girl friend) for dinner tonight and I get to cook. Need to grab a few staples before I don the Chef's hat. The menu is:

Grilled pork loin chops
Rice pilaf
vegetables (like peas or corn or maybe succotash)

Simple meal, easy to time. Piece of cake to have everything finish together.

This weekend - pulled pork sammiches. Time to get out the smoker again. I can not wait.

116 days down. I'm gonna lick this thing yet.

OK, like I actually got this posted on Friday as planned.

Did have the pulled pork for dinner Saturday, lunch Sunday and lunch again today. I really like heating it up in the microwave at work and teasing my co-workers. Along with the pork we had some very tasty bbq beans and a killer tater salad. New favorite recipe I think.

Sunday we smoked up a roaster chicken. Seven pound chicken took about 4.5 hours to smoke. It was so cold outside (ended up +1 by the time I took the chicken inside) that I had trouble getting the smoker up to temp and that added at least a half hour to the cooking time. Now I have no real smoking wood left, except for maybe some maple in the fire wood stack. Have to break down and get some more hickory & mesquite.

Kids are home for the holidays. Food is flying out of the fridge faster than we can buy it and re-stock. At least they're working at the warehouse for the first couple of weeks of break - that'll save on the food consumption a bit.

Just sent the wiff an e-card from Blue Mountain. Happens to be her birthday today. Yup - she's 29 (again).
Actually, my own b'day was Saturday (hence the Bar-B-Q dinner menu), and no, I'm not 29. I'll confess to 46 and not a minute more. I just have a much younger wife.

119 days down. First birthday smoke free in 28 years.

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