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Nuthin Spectacular
2005-03-17, 11:35 a.m.

Day 207 - Nuthin spectacular

The lack of meltdowns last night was due in part to no whiskey in the house. C only managed maybe a 1/2 bottle of wine, left over from cooking a couple of weeks ago. That's her emergency reserve - the inexpensive wine we use for cooking. Now even that's gone, so she'll have to pony up & get another bottle of booze. That'll bring things to a head a little quicker, I'm sure. Oh boy. Was also getting a very rude dose of the cold shoulder. Absolutely frigid. Her communication is getting to the point where it's not even meeting minimum requirements. Unless she's had a couple and she wants to ramble on about how shitty her work day was. She can go on about her day for the entire evening. If I don't pay attention and react properly in all the right spots then I dont care about her or what she does. She'll go run off in a huff and not speak to me for a couple of days. If I mention that she's repeated herself for the THIRD time on a subject - then I dont care about her or what she does and she'll go run off in a huff and not speak to me for a couple of days. However - if I mention even 2 minutes about my day she'll roll her eyes, tell me she doesn't get it and walk away. WTF?? Enough of that.

Did manage to get some of the wall paper stripped, maybe 1/3 of what I had left. Won't do any tonight, at least I don't think so, so that will leave it for Friday or the weekend. Maybe I'll do it Friday. I have to run to Fredonia to pick up E for spring break, but he doesn't wrap up classes till noon. I could get up at a reasonable hour, go workout, come home, have a breakfast, do (well, UN-do) wall paper, grab a lunch and hit the road around noon. Probably be back home by 4. Could spend the evening working with the joint compound, smoothing out the imperfections in the wall. That way, I could potentially be priming by Saturday afternoon or Sunday at the latest.

Nice workout this morning. Got to the Y a little earlier (like 5:40) so I was upstairs on the treadmills a little sooner. Got in pretty much the same distances & calorie burns as Tuesday morning. I'm seriously considering backing down on the slope some in order to keep the speed up. I've noticed that while running I get a nice high heart rate - something in the 140's. Not too long after the inclines start I have to back down on the speed which also causes my heart rate to drop to around 120. This morning I made it to 0.75 miles and about 1:30 into the inclines before I had to back down. That's about 9 minutes into the whole 40 minute process. Then there's 25 minutes more of inclines then the machine backs down to a 0.5% slope for the last 6 minutes or so. I run (6.6mph) for probably 4 minutes of that, using the last 2 minutes as a cooldown. Been happy getting my heart rate down to 100 or so by the time I step off the treadmill.

Hmmmm, that's some plan changing for the next couple of days.
Fridays laundry list:
Switch Friday to a whole day of vacation. (already done)
Finish the wall paper & start wall smoothing.
Go get E.
Decide on doing circuit training class Friday night (had to sneak in something new).

Saturday's list:
Work out Sat. am, but drop max slope to 6 on 'Forest Trail'. Keep speed up.
Work on wall prep at home.
come in to work in pm??
6pm is my appointment to get set up on the last 6 weight machines. At appointment I should:
ask about how to improve progress on treadmills
re-arrange workouts for balance
re-set goals (allowing for Fla trip in April)
sneak in a quickie 20 minute cardio after appointment
get in maybe 2 sets on each of the new pieces of equipment to test out the resistance setings.
go home see how polluted C got.

lazy morning
10 am work out
wall prep most of pm - prime/paint??

Bowling tonight. Tonight is the last position round to determine final standings, sort of. Any ties will be broken next week at the season ending singles tournament. Team wise, we're in 6th out of 20. Not a bad showing at all. Singles tournament wise - I think I have a pretty good shot to do well. Last three weeks I've had 568, 651, 577 (199.55 average for those 3 weeks) and raised my average from 168-ish to 173. My target was to end the year @ 175. A 638 tonight would put me at exactly 175.0, while a 600 even would put me at 174.51 - just enough to round up to 175. Now I'll have to post tomorrow just to keep updated.

207 days down. One more 600+ series coming up.

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