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Weekend wrap up
2005-03-28, 2:17 p.m.

Day 218 Weekend wrap up

Yeah, weekend is over, I'm sitting here running some more simulations. Might as well fill the time, no?

Bowling went pretty well Thursday night. Didn't bowl great, but did beat my average every game. Beat it by enough to end up in 8th place overall in our singles tournament and won a whopping $16. Out team ended up in 6th place, which netted us an additional $110 per man. The meal was delicious and probably cost me a weeks worth of progress on my diet plan.

Well, the bowling banquet contributed. The pulled pork and bbq beans Friday helped too. Managed to limit myself to only 2 pork sammiches and a cup or so of the beans. It was very hard to hold to even those pretty liberal limits.

Saturday I took all my fabulous bowling winnings and hit up the local Ace Hardware and bought paint & supplies for finishing off the strairway, upstairs hall and master bedroom. I hope. Actually managed to finish painting the stairway & hallway sunday. I know, that's no way to spend Easter Sunday, but we worked as a family and still managed to have a tasty ham dinner when we were done.

New light is hung in the entry way and we also have 2 new lights for the upstairs hall. The old ones up there were kinda disgusting and didn't even match. At least now we'll have matching lights in the hall. Still have to put those up, but I kinda have to wait for daylight. Once I cut the power to those lights, there isn't much light to work with up there. Maybe tonight after work, before sunset.

Work outs went well. Got in a nice one Friday, set a new low time for my 5K excursion. Hit up all the weight machines, 3 sets each, moved a lot of weight. Saturday morning, got there early and put in a real nice run - my first all running 5K since I ran cross country as a high school sophmore 30 years ago. That establishes my new record for a 5K (34:15) and highest average speed to date (5.46 mph). Weight session was the usual 3 set loop.

Didn't get in a work out Sunday, being Easter and all - now that it's become a big interior painting holiday (at our house at least). So, even though Mondays are normally my off day for workouts, I snuck in there this morning and got in a quick 2 mile 'sprint' (21:45/5.52mph for 2 miles) and did 3 sets on all my heavy weight equipment (leg press, abs, back ext., lat pull down, chest press, & shoulder press). C might want to go over some the weight equipment tonight, so I'm saving up a run through of the other gear for that. Plus, there's a circuit class tonight, might sneak in for that too.

Actually, C hasn't been in for even a treadmill session since last week. Very good at coming up with excuses. I think she's going tonight, but then again, who knows? She's still smoking and drinking too much, so with that going on, there's no reason to think she'll actually try to improve her fitness. That's really her loss, not mine, but it would be nice if she'd make the effort. Perhaps it's like quitting smoking was for me. Something inside just clicked back in August and it all came together. Weight control and fitness are just an extension of quitting smoking. Now I'm fairly well hooked on the fitness thing if the last 2 months are any example. Beats the taste out of smoking. Got to figure out how to flip that switch in C.

Think I'm going to take Zuzus advice and look up a local Al-Anon chapter. If I can get myself educated in how to handle the situation, maybe I will be better equipped to help C. At least I'll be building up contacts in that area and can maybe get her some help down the road. In the meantime, I think I need to find a place to get my own head back on straight. The Y is nice for working out some frustrations, but when you're fed up and pissed off at 10pm, you can't exactly go run a couple miles on a treadmill to chill out. And I'm getting really, really tired of ranting about it here. I have much better things to rant about, like bad drivers, cell phone courtesy, Republicans, late state budgets, real important stuff. Only thing that I'm hesitant about is the apparent religious connection with AA. Perhaps Al-Anon is different, maybe it doesn't even matter. Personally, I don't think it matters, it just makes me a little uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable really, it's just that I'm a relatively un-religious kind of person. If it (religion) works for you, fine, I just don't want to be preached at. If I WANTED to be preached at, I'd have gone to church yesterday.

Google is such a wonderful thing. Just found a meeting at the local GLBT headquarteds. While this doesn't include me (the GLBT part anyhow), it could be educational just hanging with these folks for an evening. Downside - it's during my favorite (1st, only) aerobics class. Does make getting to it a bit easier tho - no? Just have to find some other aerobics/fitness classes to attend. Hmmmmm.

218 days down. Advice for handling alcoholics from gay folks coming up.

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