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White Belt
2005-03-30, 4:10 p.m.

Day 220 Got My" White Belt"

Well whooopeee!! Last nights step class put me over the threshold for making the "White Level" in the FitLinxx system. Took 39 days to amass 15.000 points. Wonder what the fabulous prize is for reaching this first level?? Probably find out later in the week.

Wanted to tell the step instructor about feeling like cheating on her during circuit traiing the other night. Especially after she "caught" me there. Turns out she's two timing me too. Must have had something come up in her real life and couldn't make class last night. So we had 2 substitute instructors. Have had each of before, so neither was too much of a shock. Unfortunately, only 1 of them had a microphone set on and they couldn't really share it. Made the one girl very hard to hear. Imagine 40 of us stomping up & down on these steps, trying to hear what the poor instructor is trying to shout over the din. Oi.

Also have to consider that this was a 'basic' class. These instructors are from the regular step or step combo classes. Their transitions were a little rugged compared to what our normal instructor does. I think they forgot they were doing a basic class and assumed we knew some of the moves they were doing. Plus there was sometimes very little warning when they were changing a pattern. Left a lot of us in the dust a few times. We caught up, but got to take some little mini-breaks every 10 minutes or so.

Tonight, C wants me to teach her how to use some of the weight machines. Again. We have not had the best of luck in getting this scheduled. As of last night, she wanted to meet right after work. That's a little tought to define since neither of us is on a clock, per se. So I sit here, waiting on an email to let me know when the shindig is supposed to start tonight. She also has this thing where she thinks you're not supposed to work out twice in one day. Because of that, she automatically thinks that any day I get in a work out in the morning is no good for me to teach her that evening. I've explained to her that for weight lifting, this is often true. It's recommended that you get a day of rest between workouts of the major muscle groups. Cardio workouts you can do every day. Every day, twice a day if you like. Plus - she'll be doing the work on the weight machines, not me. Well, I might sneak in some once she gets started, but I think I can remember what muscles I work in the morning. If I forget, they'll let me know soon enough, I am sure.

Minor pain in the neck project got killed off at work yesterday while I was running the kid to school. The one I've been simulating for the last week or so. Too bad I finally got it working. Only problem was that this incarnation had some hardware issues that weren't easily remedied. Like it wouldn't fit into one of our normal chassis, the throughput was horrible, may have had issues with dust (optics, ya know). That was on top of the technical hurdles we were trying to overcome anyhow (secret stuff, if I tell you, I'd have to kill myself)

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