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Best of Intentions
2005-04-07, 9:35 a.m.

Day 227 The Best of Intentions

Actually wrote most of this Wednesday, 4/6/05, couldnít post until Thursday. But here it is anyhow.

I had this whole 1000+ word Ďthingí written, whining about my weekend. Well, not just my weekend, but whining all the same. All about how I got pissed off, got no real help with the current sprucing up project, and pretty much ran the house, got in my workouts and did all the chores Ė including laundry (except the ironing part Ė Iím reeaaallly slow at that) Ė with no help from C because she was either stumbling drunk or hung over the whole weekend.

Then I started re-reading it, editing for meaning and clarity. Thatís when it really became clear to ME. I must be enabling Cís behavior. By being entirely too passive about the whole mess. By sitting there and putting up with it. Now Iím working myself into a bind. I need to finish painting our bedroom. Before the weekend. Supposed to be nice weather here this weekend and I have 10 tons of outdoor work to do. I also need to get to an Al Anon meeting (or meetings) and try to form a plan of action to correct Cís behavior. The sooner the better. I also donít want to skip workouts. Things are going really well there and I donít want to slow progress.

So hereís the deal. I have Identified 4 Al-Anon meetings I could potentially attend. All are less than a 15 minute drive from home. They are:

Monday, 8:30pm Ė Methodist Church Ė 15 minute drive - kinda test drove a fitness class in close to this time slot. I donít know how long these meetings run, but Iíd be getting home from the fitness class about the time these meeting would start Ė so this one is a poor choice really.

Tuesday, 7:00pm Pride GLBT Hdqtrs Ė 15 min drive Starts Ĺ hr before my current favorite aerobics class. Ending time wouldnít be too bad. Would eliminate a solid 60 minutes of cardio. Could replace that with classes Sat. & Sun amís. Meetings are held at the Gay, Lesbian, bi & transgendered headquarters. Hmmm. No religious connotations there, but what if I get busted heading into that particular building?? People will think Iíve been in the closet all these years. Saying Iím Attending an Al Anon meeting might not carry enough weight to overcome that. Still one of the better options. Keep reading.

Friday, 7:30pm Ė Presbyterian Church, 7 min drive. Absolutely horrible day/time. Borderline impossible getting out of the house, alone, for any extended period of time. Somehow, I canít see me saying, ďHoney, Iíve got to go to an Al-Anon meeting at the church and talk about your problems with complete strangers. Be back in a couple of hours.Ē That would go over much worse than a fart in church. This option is not real high on the list. Actually, itís tied for last with:

Sunday, 7:30pm Ė Catholic Church, 5 min drive. See comments about the Friday night time slot.

Wish there was one Thursdays at 5:00pm someplace close to my home, work or anyplace in between.

Looks like I opt for the weekend aerobics classes and give up Tuesday nights and go hang with the folks at the GLBT headquarters. That promises to be an interesting evening.

227 days without a smoke 1 very interesting evening coming up

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