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A whole week?
2005-05-16, 4:01 p.m.

Day 267 Itís been a week?

Doesnít seem like itís been a week since I added anything here. Tempus fugit I guess.

Finally got both boys moved back from school. Even got them to clean out their rooms too. Have a ton of old/non-fitting clothes for the local charities. A girl C works with is collecting clothes to give to local shelters. Hope they can use young adult male style clothes. Shirts especially.

C seems to have managed to talk her dad into not driving up this summer. He will arrive here Tuesday instead, where one or both boys will pick him up at the airport. His age isnít so bad (only 73), but with his memory issues, a 3 day drive north is just too risky. I dreaded getting a call from him only to find out he made a wrong turn in Gainesville and didnít figure it out till he was in Baton Rouge. That kinda sucks when youíre aiming for upstate NY.

Looks like Jís anticipated move to our house will be indefinitely delayed. Her roommate has managed to screw up any possibilities of getting a sublet with her refusal to move out in time to allow the apartment owners to do an inspection. Her reason for staying? She wants to go to someoneís retirement party up here. Moving out early would force her to make a 40 minute drive to attend the party. She apparently can not process the fact that moving out early will save her over $800 in rent this summer.

We had been wanting to re-do out spare bedroom for most of this past winter. Now that Cís dad has a firm arrival date (tomorrow), we know when to have the room done (today). As luck and elbow grease would have it, we finished yesterday. Got rid of the old, dark wallpaper and freshened it up with a new coat of paint. Even re-cycled an old bedspread that goes quite well with the paints we selected.

With the completion of this room, we now have our bedroom, the dining room, living room, main bath and both upstairs and downstairs hallways painted with tints from the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection. The only rooms left are the kids rooms, the family room, the powder room and the master bath. While painting each room differently, weíve managed to use common colors in each of the rooms. This ties them all together in some sort of cohesive whole. Each room gets itís own look, but they look like they belong together.

Only problem with getting the spare room painted this weekend Ė NO workouts till late Sunday. By then, I was so beat, it was all I could do to drag my self along for a 2 mile run. Legs were all tight, even after stretching. Weight lifting part went fine, but all you have to do is sit there and grunt a little. Thinking I may have to start a little slower with the running, ease myself up in speed gradually during the run. Iíve had a tendency to just pick the speed I want and stay there, picking up speed a bit 1 mile from the end and really adding in a little kick in the last ľ to Ĺ mile Ė depending on how I feel.

Thinking Z might join me at the gym tonight. He used to work out pretty regularly for hockey in high school, but has slacked off in his college years. Now heís toting around a few extra pounds and has expressed a desire to work it off. So Iíll drag his butt off to the gym too. I mean, itís the Y, and we have a family membership, heís welcome to go as he pleases. Plus, I keep threatening to take J (Zís girl friend) to my 7:30 aerobics class. She has also expressed a desire to work out a bit (she was quite the jock in high school too) and thinks itís be a hoot to see me doing step aerobics. Iíd be happy to provide her with entertainment with her work out. Weíll see if she wants to go tomorrow. I think a yoga class from school may still be in the way. Maybe next week.

C still canít work out because of her knee. Itís way better than it was last week, but she still has way less than full mobility. In an attitude more like a guy Ė she refuses to go see a doctor about it. Her reason? ďSheíll tell me to take ibuprofen and stay off it for a weekĒ Sheís forgetting the ice & elevation. Plus, if she sees the doc, she might at least get an x-ray (better yet an MRI) and make sure itís nothing more than a nasty wicked sprain. But no, she just keeps limping along, missing workouts because she basically canít walk with out pain yet. Stubborn old mule. Reminds me of her husband.

Tonight, I need to actually set my next weight goal. Iíve reached my initial date, set way back in January. I had been trying to get from 265 on 1/15 to 235 on 5/15. Happy to report I actually made it down to 230lbs. Next goal is to hit 200lbs by 9/15. Thatís 30 lbs in 4 months again, same as before. Only now, I think I get to do it on 200 fewer calories per day. Just a little adjustment to make.

Funny thing about this weight deal is even when I tell my brothers that I weigh all of 230 now, they remark that they thought I weighed 230 before, and canít imagine I weigh any more than 200 or so right now. Good thing they donít have a job at the carnival guessing peopleís weight. At least theyíve noticed the change. Even folks at work are starting to ask about it. Cool.

I was going to break into some sort of a themed entry and whine about important stuff. Now I have all this drivel about living my life for the last week, and this entry got plenty long enough. Good thing. No one wanted to hear me moan about gas prices, or worse yet Ė milk prices.

But I would like to ask that one question. What are people paying for milk these days?? When we were in Florida, I stopped at a Publix (grocery store) and paid $4.29 for a gallon of 1%. I found out later I could have crossed the street and got the same milk at Walgreenís for $2.89. (thatís where I went next time we needed milk down there) Want to know what I paid yesterday for a gallon of skim milk at home? $1.49. On sale, for 80 cents off, but itís been like that for about 3 years now. At home (here in the frozen tundra of upstate NY) a have yet to pay over $2.00 for a gallon of my precious moo juice. I canít believe Publix has the gall to charge 4.29. Seeing that price just floored me.

So what do YOU pay for milk?

267 days with out a smoke. Never a day without my milk.

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