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Quiet Frustration
2005-05-20, 3:47 p.m.

Day 271 Quiet Frustration

Isnít there a song title similar to that? By Pink Floyd or Supertramp. Some band in the 70ís or 80ís in the heavy metal genre I think.

Plugging along at work. May have corrected this freakiní bug Iíve been working on for a couple of weeks now. Can finally move on to something else. That gets a big fat whooopeee. Been going kinda nuts trying to crack the same problem for so long.

Sure has been a zoo at home. Not all peaceful and quiet like Iíve been used to. Nice having so many people around though. Forcing C to behave herself, or at least not get completely trashed. Think sheís managed to limit herself to 1 or 2 beers a night. Little enough so she doesnít start tripping over every blade of grass at least. Wonder how long thatís going to hold up. Iím predicting no longer than this weekend. I guarantee sheís 3 sheets to the wind at least once by Sunday, 4pm..

Been kinda lazy about getting to the gym myself lately. Monday was only a run, Tuesday was nothing at all. Managed to go Wed & Thurs, but havenít been yet today (Fri.) C is chaperoning an event at the school tonight. Wonít be home till 9 Ė 9:30. Maybe Iíll head over after I get dinner for the gang.

I am so out of ideas for dinner. Finally caved and decided Iíd just make up a batch of Jambalaya. Takes about 1.5 hours the way I do it (including all the chopping), but it is SO worth it. Having Z check freezer inventories, weíll pick up necessaries on the way home.

Thatís the other fun development. I have no vehicle today. Victim of the 3 vehicles and 4 people needing to get to work game. I intensely dislike not having a vehicle at my disposal. I am, on occasion, required to go to another site. With equipment. Sometimes rather large equipment. Guess not today. I also hate being tied down to leaving at a particular time. Now, Z is coming to get me at 4:30 (I hope). If I get on to something here at work, thatís too bad. No staying late and playing for me. Guess thatís not a bad thing on a Friday.

Father in law (B) will surely be testing my patience. Heís a super person, nicest gentleman you could hope to meet. But since MIL passed away, heís been like a lost little puppy. Canít blame the guy, heís bored out of his gourd most of the time. His memory issues really prevent him from developing any hobbies. He used to be a photographer (professional for Kodak and all), but doesnít even do much of that anymore. Consequently, heís pretty much constantly underfoot, even though thatís not his intention. There are also all the little alterations to ones daily routine. I have my whole morning at home down to a nice system that includes making sure thereís coffee for C to take to work. I get to spend quiet time with the newspaper, eating breakfast, making my lunch. Iím alone till C comes downstairs. Until this week. Now I actually have to talk to someone in the mornings. Itís that or be rude. B tries to help by emptying the dishwasher. Problem is, he canít remember where anything goes, so sometimes finding a measuring cup can be a challenge. Plus, he tries to do it at really bad times. Like when Iím making my lunch, or cooking dinner, or other high traffic times in the kitchen. I know heís only trying to help, but one of these days Iím going to turn around with a chefís knife in my hand and skewer him. Accidentally, of course. Running him to the hospital is going to make dinner late, and Iíll get all cranky.

He flew up from Florida. Brought about 50 floppies with him. Wanted to check what was on them. WTF??? Heís got 3 computers at home. Why drag those things up here just to find out that 2/3 of them are blank, mislabeled or non-functional? He also has the worst luck with anything technical. He can bring it to itís knees in a matter of minutes. I was very scared for my computer. Looks like it survived though. Oh Ė one other odd thing he did. Last week, before he flew up here, he sent me a package in the mail. Pretty standard looking 9x12 manila envelope with 3 soft, lumpy things inside. I opened the package to find 3 pairs of dress socks. Nothing else. No note of explanation, nothing. I havenít mentioned them to him yet, because I bet he completely forgot. Iím thinking that his reasoning was that he doesnít wear dress socks anymore, being retired and all, and he thought I could use them. Sweet. I really needed 3 pair of super thin, argyle socks. In colors that donít really match anything in my wardrobe. If he ever does mention them, Iíll just say thanks and leave it at that. I just hope he doesnít send me his underwear sometime next year. Besides, heís boxers, Iím briefs.

Well, better get this drivel finished up. The Z man will be here in 45 minutes or so, got some shopping to do, then a little cooking action. If I behave and eat only a normal amount, I can jet over to the gym tonight and sneak in a run and maybe an upper body work out. Save the monster set for Saturday with a 5K run. Sounds like a plan.

271 days down. One father-in-law to beam up. Please.

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