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Busy weekend
2005-06-13, 4:36 p.m.

Day 295 Lets not repeat THAT weekend.

Not that it was horrible or anything, Im just seriously out of gas today.

Thought I would have a busy weekend, but nothing like what happened. Started out normally enough. Went to the Y, got in a nice workout first thing Saturday. Got home, did all the normal Saturday morning stuff breakfast, shower, paid some bills, compared notes with C to figure out how to spend the next couple of days.

I had planned on spending Saturday puttering around the house, maybe getting veggies planted (finally!), doing some grocery shopping, kinda laying low in the heat. There was an air show in town, including the Air Force Thunderbirds. Seeing as we live all of 1.5 miles from the airport, thought Id take a bike ride over and watch the show. Had planned on spending Sunday at my Moms getting her spare room painted, or at least ready to paint). NOT.

C decided she finally wanted to go out and check out replacement windows for the monstrous picture window in our family room. Its a 40+ year old window, leaks air terribly, is probably costing us a small fortune in the winter time, and only has two small double hung units on either side that open up for ventilation. In 9 feet of window space, there is maybe 3 feet of open-able window. I figured it was no big deal to go look. Was pretty certain wed have to order the windows we wanted. Oops. Local Pella window dealer had what we wanted in stock. Loaded up the van and off we went. Got the new windows safely stowed away in the garage. Headed back out for the grocery shopping. Completed that chore with Cs dad in tow too. It was so hot & humid out, going to the grocery store was actually a pleasure. Got a bit of an air conditioned break from the sweltering heat. (95 degrees, felt like at least 70% humidity. In early June, upstate NY. UGLY.)

Late Saturday afternoon I started getting antsy about the windows. Without taking off moldings, etc., I could only estimate the actual size of the opening for the windows. So, after things had settled down, I started actually removing the moldings in order to gauge how bad my estimate was. Turns out I was pretty close, so no drastic changes in window plans were necessary. Then curiosity got hold of me, and I started taking ALL the moldings off, including the outside trim. I was aiming to remove the window unit in its entirety, for potential use by someone, somewhere, sometime.

Got far enough along that by dark Saturday, I was rather committed to finishing the window job Sunday. Looks like my Moms painting job would have to wait a day or three. Sunday morning rolls along, I head downstairs for breakfast, get coffee going and trot out & grab the paper. Noticed the milk was a little warm. Saw the fridge was rather packed, figured maybe the door was left ajar overnight due to interference with the goodies inside. Did a little re-arranging, door seemed to be closing all right. Felt that the fridge would get colder again in a couple of hours.

Made a quick trip to get supplies I knew Id need for the window replacement. Got back home, started going at the windows. Actually got the entire window frame free and ready to pop out. Had to get youngest son (E) up (11:43am according to him really early for a Sunday) to help with the window. A 9foot long window frame, even with all the moving parts removed, was likely to be pretty heavy. Didnt want to put Cs dads back to the test trying to hold something like that. Much better to use a 19 year old back for such tasks.

Window comes out like a dream. No problems at all. Unfortunately, C is noticing that the fridge is not cooling down. Even the ice in the ice maker is getting soft. E helps C empty the fridge, load up coolers and get ice to keep things chilled. C and I decide its time to bite the bullet and get a fridge. Our neighbor happens to work for an appliance store the next town over. Hes always mentioned his FOB discount (friend of Bob) should we ever need new appliances. C and her dad drove out there only to discover the store wasnt open on Sundays. E and I meanwhile, are making progress on re-sizing the rough dimensions of the window openings. Our old window unit, which consisted of a 5 x 4 fixed window flanked by a pair of 2 x 4 double hung windows built into a single frame was being replaced by (3) 33 X 47 double hung windows. Had a little re-framing work to do. This work was only slightly interrupted by phone calls from C were at Home Depot they have only 2 brands of fridge, all yuch. Heading to Lowes. Later on Were at Lowes. They have yada, yada, yada, what do you think? My response? (the short version) Get what you like, regardless of what I said about what would fit.

C makes the deal on the fridge. Side by side, ice & water through the door, stainless front, too tall, too wide. Calls me up after Do you want to come over and drive their rental truck home with the fridge on the back? My response I kinda have this huge hole working on the front of the house. Think you or your Dad might be able to drive a pick up truck? (thats all it is a Ford F250 with a flat bed. Rent it from Lowes for $20) C thought that maybe between she and her dad they could figure out how to drive a pick up. Sweet. E and I make more progress on the windows. About 45 minutes later, C and her dad pull in the driveway in her Saturn, obviously not toting the fridge. Cs response to my quizzical stare Someone beat us to the truck. Had no idea when theyd be back. Rather than wait there, we decided to come home. You can go get the fridge when youre done with the windows. Fun.

Round about 6:30 we get the windows finished. E and I take turns getting nice cool showers. (Its been 85 90 degrees and very humid all day) Head out to Lowes. Manage to get the truck, get the fridge, get the fridge on the truck and take off. (quick side note we were at Lowes, waiting for them to bring the fridge up front. I looked to E and told him I was already out of gas and we still had the fridge to do.) Swing by my brothers and get a dolly on the way home. Sister-in-law apologizes for putting the jinx on the fridge Friday night. Shed asked how our appliances were doing, just in the course of a normal conversation. Too funny. Get home, get the truck unloaded. That fridge is one heavy mo fo. Fly back to Lowes, fly back home. Its now 8:45pm on Sunday, and Im trying to figure out how to get the fridge in the house.

Had to remove the doors from the fridge. Took down a plant hanger bracket, popped a door off its hinges and moved a few other large potted plants around. Also had to balance this 8000 pound fridge on the very edge of the front stoop so we had room to open the storm door. Father in law about had a cow, but E and I already realized we had to do that. We were cool with it. Just had to get FIL caught up with our tactics. Finally, finally, finally, had the dust bunnies cleared out, fridge in place, water hooked up, doors back on and old fridge removed by 11:30pm. Took another shower (#3 for Sunday) to cool off before bed.

After a day like that I thought I would sleep like the dead. Laid down in bed around midnight and proceeded to toss & turn all night long. 5 am rolled by, but I was too tired to consider hitting up the Y. 6am rolled by, I thought its be nice to get another hour of sleep. 7 am rolled by, I considered calling in dead to work. Couldnt. Had some silly mandatory training class on electrical safety for FOUR hours Monday afternoon. Couple that in with how tired I am, its amazing I made it through the class. Now, Im going to get his posted, call my mom and make plans for later in the week, then go pass out. On top of it all, I think I feel the beginnings of some sort of viral thing getting started. Thats going to really hamper my morning workouts. Maybe a good nights rest and I wont feel as weak as a baby. Power nap, thats what I need. Oh and a good dose of al anon meetings. Right Alison?

295 days down. Think my temperature is heading up. Dang it.

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