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2005-06-14, 10:14 a.m.

Day 296 Blech!

Is that a word? Ought to be. I feel like 3 day old sushi. Felt it coming on over the weekend, that nasty post nasal feeling, couldnít ever clear the back of my throat. Fortunately, I was busy enough to be able to ignore it and just stay well hydrated. Now, it caught up to me, and I can no longer ignore it. So Iím medicating the living crap out of it. Still feel like my head is a balloon full of lead. Colds in June just arenít fair.

Consequently, Iím not getting to the gym like I should either. Missed the last three days. Just as well. No need to share this with everyone at the gym. Plus, I donít think I could jog 2 miles without collapsing. If I start to feel a little more human, I may try aerobics tonight. That at least isnít running, and it isnít too terribly intense. Probably want to avoid the weight machines because of all the hand contact. We all use some anti-bacterial spray and wipe down the equipment after weíre done, but that stuff is only 99.9% effective. That leaves only the strongest bacteria behind to breed. Nice thought, huh?

What really sucks is that Iíve already scheduled my appointment with the fitness guru at the Y. This is a re-evaluation to asses any progress I may have made since my Jan. 31 tests. In spite of my over weight ex-smoker status, I only scored below average in 3 of 7 categories (BMI @ 33, oxygen uptake {smoke much?}, and half sit-ups {use the recliner much?}) In the other 4 categories I did above average or better.

I know my BMI is down. Not good yet, but at least itís headed in the right direction. Took a stab at the charts they use for calculating potential work and oxygen uptake. Ought to be able to score above average in those. Only potential problem is that I canít shake this cold before the testing and it keeps me from getting in some solid work outs in the days leading up to the test. Nothing I can do Ė just have to take it as it comes.

Z called from Florida. Now that tropical storm Arlene is up here raining on us New Yorkers, they have sunshine down in Fort Lauderdale. He and his friends appear to be having a good time. Hit up a Win Dixie for groceries, will be cooking most of their own meals in their suite. Might do one night out on a dinner cruise. Considering all the other fun stuff like jet skis and para-sailing, things we never bothered with on our trips to Ft. Myers. Theyíll be back in town Thursday. Silly me volunteered to go pick them up at the airport.

Havenít told Z about swapping out the family room windows yet. Want to see how long it takes him to notice. Bet it wonít be long. The air flow through the family room is so much better with that big fixed window out of there. Just have to figure out how to finish off the trim. Our walls are a little less than plumb & square. Getting a nice tight fit from dry-wall to window casing will be a challenge. At least itís weather tight. I can take my time and get it parts cut accurately. Added benefit is that high temps will only be in the low 70ís this weekend. Itíll be a pleasure to work in conditions like that. I may not even sweat!!

Well, enough time here. Iíve managed to run 2 compiles and 4 simulations on my code. It appears to be running properly. Time to go test it in a full system now, see what I can break. Thatís always so much fun. Not.

This randomness brought to you by the 296th day of smoke free living.

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