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2005-06-29, 3:30 p.m.

Day 310 Nearing some Milestones

Really starting to get close to several milestones and have recently surpassed a few others. One interesting milestone: have just recently passed lifting 2,000,000 pounds in my workout program. That converts very nicely to 2,000 tons. At current workout rates, Im adding about another 500 ton every month.

Closing in on 50,000 total fitness points earned. Get a ceramic coffee mug at this milestone. All done up in YMCA logos.

In a promotional move, my local Y is running a little card punching promo. Get a card punched at every visit. Collect 24 punches and win a fantabulous T-shirt, all done up in YMCA logos. Im now 5 visits away from having another (white) work out shirt. Woo-hoo!

Recently passed 10 months w/o a smoke. 2 years ago I wouldnt have thought it possible. Now that Ive traded working out for smoking, I cant imagine ever smoking again. I like that. At least my addiction is healthy.

Have the usual family re-unions coming up this summer. This years batch is all on Cs side of the family. Her moms side of the clan is invading lovely upstate NY at the end of July for fun & festivities here at Letchworth State Park. Gorgeous park, family favorite. There are only 2 local branches of the family up here (us and brother-in-laws brood) That makes for some crowded houses and busy hotels locally. Well fit in who we can, but were already running at near capacity. Suppose we could relegate the kids to tents in the back yard. They may enjoy that too much though.

The following week, Cs dads side of the family is having its gathering. This time, were all invading the suburban Boston area. Plan on taking a duck boat tour, trying to absorb as much of the history of Boston as possible in one afternoon. Thats a tall order. Just have to keep the cameras charged and ready to roll. Were supposed to provide a meal at some point during the gathering. Ive proposed smoking some pork butt and making pulled pork sammiches, along with some bar-b-q beans, corn bread, and a big batch of macaroni salad. Thing is the pulled pork and bbq beans can be done up ahead of time & frozen. Corn bread is a breeze to bake and macaroni salad is simple too. Just waiting to hear if were going that way or not. Hope so Im drooling just thinking about it.

Oh the biggest milestone. Mom sold her house. The same house I spent most of my growing up years in, from age 4 at least. Forty two years shes been there, the last 12 mostly alone since Dad passed away. Shed been thinking of selling for a while now. Finally got to the point where she just got tired of the upkeep. Shes only 66, but all the mowing, maintenance and repairs finally drove her to sell. She (and my brothers & I) did the usual prep work de-clutter, fresh coat of paint here & there. Officially put the house on the market on a Thursday evening. Signed an offer the following Tuesday and it was over. Accepted $2K less than the asking price. To get a deal done in 4 days. Outstanding, really. Now I have to negotiate with the new owner about getting my parking space back for hunting season. (Kidding sort of) Its going to be weird, not walking through my old back yard on the way out to hunt. Weirder yet to look at the house and realize I cant just walk up to the door and go inside anymore. Itll be very hard come August when we close the door for the last time. I cant ever recall seeing that house empty, but it will be then. Empty of our physical presence, yes, but oh so full of memories.

310 days down. Surprised I'm so bummed about the house.

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