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One Whole Year!!
2005-08-22, 1:53 p.m.

Day 365 1 Year

Couldnít let a day like this pass without at least acknowledging my 1 year anniversary of being smoke free. Iíve had help from many sources, here and elsewhere. My thanks to all those who have supported this effort. I am really enjoying the whole smoke-free life style. I still consider myself an ex-smoker, but am getting more and more used to the idea that Iím a non-smoker too. Subtle distinction, but takes a bit of a thought pattern shift (I really didnít want to use Ďparadigm shiftí there. So corporate lingo speak. Yuck!)

Got #2 off to college this past weekend. Boy, was he raring to go. We got done so fast, we actually had time to show up at the neighborhood block party after all. Of course, right at bonfire time the skies opened up and we got drenched with 1+ inches of rain. For here, thatís a lot of rain all at once. We also desperately needed it. Lawns were looking pretty sad. Now weíll have to mow again, but at least things will be fresh & green again.

On my way to the block party, I ran across a very, very young rabbit in a neighbors yard. Seeing as we live in a quiet neighborhood and all dogs are leashed, I opted to leave it be, figuring mama bunny had to be nearby. About an hour later, one of the kids at the block party showed up with my little bunny buddy. We had the kids take the rabbit back to where they found it, cheating a little towards our small patch of woods Ė hoping mama would be along soon and get the little guy.

Yesterday I was in the veggie garden, bemoaning my lack of veggies this year. I was getting it ready to till under for the year. My little bunny buddy apparently thought the garden was a nice place to hang out. Rather than chase him off, I opted to forego the tilling for at least a little while. If mama rabbit doesnít claim this little guy soon, heís not likely to make it to winter Iím afraid.

Had another run in with nature yesterday, also in the veggie garden. Ran across a garter snake (I think it was a garter snake) that was in the process of swallowing a small toad. The toad was still at least twice as thick as the thickest part of the snake. Seems the snake preferred to finish his meal in privacy, so I had to back off a bit to let him finish. This didnít leave me with the best seat in the house, but itís still the closest Iíd been to anything like that live. Amazing watching that snake work the toad down. I would have intervened, but it looked like the snake had somehow bitten through to the toads lung, There was a very bright pink foamy looking protuberance coming out of the toads right side. Figuring he was a goner anyhow, I let Mr. Snake finish him off. Otherwise, Iíd rather have had the toad around for his insect based appetite. Until now, I thought thatís what garter snakes ate too. Never thought one of those little guys could manage a toad.

Enough nature for one entry? Maybe I should lay off describing my adventures at the dentists office this morning getting some crowns redone. That was really fun. My jaw is still a little tender from all the attention.

No big plans for tonight. Supposed to rain again. If it doesnít, I still have shutters to hang, and I want to get started re-roofing the cupola on out garage. If it does rain, suppose I could attack the pile of filing that needs to be done, or start compiling all out favorite recipes in the computer. Anything to avoid spending the evening in front of the boob tube. Maybe Iíll talk C into hitting up the Y. She could always swim and I could get in a little circuit training. Yup. Go to the Y, get on the elliptical trainer and watch the boob tube. Pure genius I tell ya.

365 days down. Cís up to 25 days her own bad self.

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