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No wagons for her
2005-08-25, 4:42 p.m.

Day 368 The wagons, they are slippery . . .

Bummer. C has fallen off a wagon or two lately. In spite of being on Coumadin, she insists on drinking. Sheís alternating between cheap boxed wind and some left over copper ales I got for the block party. I think she switched to one of the beers last night because the wine gives her a headache. I say good. Sheís giving me a headache. Now weíre even.

The other wagon sheís hopped off is the smoking. She still wonít smoke in front of me, but I canít help but notice. Sheís trying to hide on the one side of the house with no windows, but that canít last too much longer. Itíll soon be too cold for her to want to head that far outside. I know, I know, itís only August. But this is Western NY Ė night temps are already dipping into the lower 50ís.

I was really hoping this episode with the blood clots would provide C the motivation for a lifestyle change. Unfortunately, her fretting over her fathers condition has broken down what meager resolve she had. On top of that, her knee injury and the clot dealie make it rather difficult for her to get to the gym and do any work outs. Guess she hasnít bottomed out yet. Hope I can pick up the pieces when she does. Hope she does it soon, or Iím going to get tired of waiting for her to clean up her act.

My YMCA has shut down for the next 4 days for an annual maintenance spree. Kinda sucks. I was just getting back into the swing of hauling my butt there every morning again. Even made it to aerobics Tuesday night. I can do some digging around down in our basement. We have a really nice universal weight set down there for the boys. If I can find the charts, I can at least get in a reasonable amount of weight training. Need the charts to know what the equivalent weights are for each station/pulley set up. Might have to break down and actually jog outside too. Be a shame to subject my neighbors to that kind of torture, but Iím getting desperate. Need to get my cardio work in. Plus Iím very close to the next Fitlinxx level. With a little push, I can get my spankin new work out towel by the end of the month. Woo-hoo! (Too bad you canít read the sarcasm that was in that hoot)

Does it show that Iím bored at work? Should be writing up some timing specs for a laser scanning unit, but Iíve been looking at the numbers for far too long. Had to get in this wee bit of a diversion. Iíll be a good boy and email some work home. Then, when I could be goofing off surfing barbeque or meat smoking sights Iíll get all conscientious and get some real work done. But not till after I kill some weeds and go through the bills, hang some shutters (still, I know . . .), cook dinner and put up with some drunk woman, trying to mumble something to me. Maybe I should go surf the on line dating sites and find me a hootchie mama to rendezvous with. Nah, that wouldnít be fair to C or any of the potential dates. Best leave that one alone. For now. Iíll go catch up on journals instead.

Well Ė this one was kinda quick, but itís representative of whatís going on right now. A whole lot of nothing.

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