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Katrina and Other Names
2005-09-02, 1:06 p.m.

Day 377 Canít think of a reasonable title.

New Orleans. Katrina. Disaster. Three words, now all inextricably linked together for eternity. Sad part is much of it was avoidable. Check out this article:,1518,372455,00.html

To bad Dubya canít run for president again. Love to see him get thoroughly beaten into the ground. Probably happen in the primaries this time around. His administration has been screwing around with the environment for too long. Maybe itís all starting to comeback around to bite him in the ass. Too bad the New Orleans, Gulfport and Mobile area has to pay the price. Especially New Orleans.

I feel for everybody in the area. My donation is sent. Seems like so little compared to the magnitude of need, but itís what I can do, I guess.

On to the mundane . .

Made it to the Y 5 days straight now. Getting used to it all over again. Still have about of 30 pounds to drop by my birthday in December. Just under 4 months. Itís a bit of a stretch, but attainable. After getting to that goal, Iíd still like to drop another 10 or so, try to settle in at 180-ish pounds. That really isnít too bad for someone a tad over 6 feet. Besides, thatís what I weighed when Cindy & I got married, lo those many years ago.

(Yes, I think I can forgo the initials. Do you have any idea how many Cindyís there are out there? Me either. But I bet itís a lot.)

Speaking of Cindy, sheís been back on the wagon this week. Sees she had a little breakdown with the coumadin therapy for her blood clots. The thinning had gotten too extreme as of this past Monday morning and they took her completely off the coumadin. Yesterday, after another blood test, the doc wants her to re-start at her at a pretty high (for her) dose rate, then go back in for more testing. What sheís failed to tell the doc is the amount of drinking she did last week. It was considerable. I probably bitched about it here. On the plus side, she mentioned to me at dinner last night that she thinks last weeks binge was a major contributor to her clotting issues earlier this week. Well, DUH!! I am so glad she realizes this. Itís a teeny tiny step in the right direction.

Cindy also has an appt with the doc today. Sheíll be asking if itís ok for her to start going back to the gym and at least getting on the treadmill or elliptical or even swimming. I am very relieved to hear that too. I think sheís been a little (a lot) frustrated by the forced lack of activity and would like to start making some progress on her weight issues. Iím thinking if we can keep her interested in the gym AND keep her off the booze, sheíll start to see some tangible results. That will hopefully fuel the drive to continue. Well, that and gentle encouragement from my end too. I donít want to get into the cheerleady crap, but some honest encouragement and a compliment or three canít hurt.

Now that Iíve decided to do away with initials for identifying people, I just have to mention my oldest son and his girlfriend/damn near fiancť. Our sons name is Zach, his girlfriends name is Jill. So we have a Zach and Jill. Not exact, but itís sure close enough. Jill is a sweet, sweet girl and we would be ecstatic if the two of them decide to get married. Actually, they have more or less determined that they will eventually get married, but they want to finish college first, get real jobs and get established in the real world.

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