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Easy Wednesday
2005-10-05, 4:24 p.m.

Day 409 Easy Wednesday

Just as I thought, my body decided to not go to the gym this morning. Aerobics last night wasnít all that rugged, but it was nice to sleep in till 6:45 for a change.

Decided to back up a bit at work in order to move forward. Had to make the cal that some of the design ideas we were handed were complete crap and trying to get them to work was a huge handicap. My current partner and I decided simple was better. Pitched the ideas we cam up with to the powers that be. Being reasonable people, they all agreed. Upside is we get to make the changes we required. Downside is that expectations for success are now higher. Further downside is that success is also expected sooner. Guess those are the dangers in getting what you asked for.

Went off fishing again this past weekend. Told my friend the cottage owner that if he needed a hand closing up camp for the season to give me a call. He did, and he did. Absolutely gorgeous weather out there the entire weekend. Fishing was miserable. The lake was starting to turn over, which does some sort of weird thing to the fish and their mysterious habits. To top it off, there was some sort of late bug hatch going on too. The trout were going nuts gobbling up bugs off the surface. Neither of us were set up for fly fishing, especially as we were really gunning for walleye. Too bad for us.

Neat thing about the bug hatch was the effect it had on the local bat population. Saturday evening we happened to be out late fishing. The bats were out in force, ridding the sky of what ever the bugs were. Hundreds of bats, zipping all over the place, munching bugs. In spite of their numbers, they were absolutely silent Ė even with all the wing flapping. Now, Iíve seen bats before, even up close and personal. But I have never witnessed that many bats in person Ė all actively flitting around, snatching up mosquitoes, gnats, flies, June bugs, what ever. I really enjoyed watching them in action. Even Frank said that was a lot of bats Ė more than he had ever seen at once.

Snagged a couple of pumpkins on the way home. Cindy wanted them for the usual seasonal decorations. Had to cough up a whole $1 each for them. Nice pumpkins too. Not huge, but reasonable sized. Maybe 8 Ė 10 lbs a piece. Might even carve one of them.

Managed to get all my new hunting & fishing licenses just in time. In NY, licenses expire Sept. 30, so permits, etc. for the upcoming season must be obtained by Oct. 1. Spent a good chunk of my lunch hour Sept. 30 at a local sporting goods store getting legal. Even got doe permits for 2 different wildlife management units. Hope I get to use them. Really need to get in more archery practice. Shooting new arrows and a new arrow rest. Would like to get more time in to make sure the sighting is correct. Donít want to make a poor shot on a deer. Thatís just plain irresponsible. (was that a random, disjointed paragraph or what?)

Oh Ė weight measurements!! Weight has been a bit of a sticky issue since Dr. B got me off the HCTZ for my blood pressure. Seems I retained a wee bit of water. Consequently, my weight went from 214.5 on 9/15 to a whopping (over dramatic, I know) 217 the following week. I expected that, really. Been struggling ever since. Been too chicken to step on a scale ever since too. Just been putting my nose to the grindstone and chugging away on the elliptical machines. This past Monday (10/3) I worked up the nerve to weigh myself again. After a fishing weekend too! (lots of beer, very little fat consumed actually) Weight came in at a miniscule 211.5 lbs. Now, according to my goal and progress reports in Fit Day, Iím only 1 lb behind schedule. Thatís a minor miracle after falling 4 lbs behind after dropping the BP meds. My BP also seems to be behaving so far, a whole 2.5 weeks free of the HCTZ. Have not had a resting reading above 120/80 yet. Of course, 2 weeks is way too soon to be jumping to conclusions and throwing a party. Might jack up the BP ya know.

Man, canít wait for Thursday to come along so I can go bowl again. I always looked forward to bowling, but this year has been pretty special so far.

Get to do a nice hard work out Thursday morning too. No aerobics to recover from. If I can just get my ass moving in the morning and get to the gym early, I can get in maybe 40 minutes of CV followed by a really good lower body weight session. Those extra minutes on the elliptical machines are what are going to get me back on schedule for my next weight goal. Got to be 190 by my birthday. Only 20lbs to drop over the next hmmmmmmm, about 10 weeks. Kind of aggressive, but totally do-able.

Well, off to scanner land.

409 days down. I got nothing for the up. Bummer.

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