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My, my, my
2005-10-24, 11:13 a.m.

Day 428 My, my, my

Gee, itís been so long. Much has happened and little has happened. 14 month anniversary of not smoking today. Still going strong in that department. Been having a few urges of late, but Iím attributing them to this freakiní cold/virus/sinus/throat thing Iíve had the last week or so. Fun stuff Ė lovingly shared by both kids. Cindy & I both picked up one variant or another of what the kids had. Worst part is sometimes my sinuses get very swollen Ė to the point I canít get air thru. No mucus, just no room for air. Then I must breathe thru my mouth (lovely, I know). At night, when Iím on auto pilot, this leads to a very dry throat. Dry enough it makes me think maybe I have strep (one of the plethora of bugs the kids were willing to share). By the time I get up and get moving, forcing some water down my throat, I start to feel almost human again. At least Iím willing to risk swallowing breakfast. Something still feels not right, but itís not like Iím swallowing razors. Iím leaning towards just some nasty little virus that will eventually get tired of harassing me and leave.

Suppose that was enough biological info. The whole reason we got to spend some quality bug sharing time with the kids was to go see the Syracuse/Rutgers football game. At least Rutgers showed up. ĎNuff said. Had a great time with the kids, met Ericís girlfriend, suffered through Syracuseís inability to mount an offense and got sick. What else could you ask from a weekend?

Itís been archery season for deer here for 2 weekends now. Itís also rained almost the entire time Iíve had available to go out and sit in the woods. Deer are pretty smart. If the weather is nasty, they tend to hunker down and try to stay dry. Itís true, they must still eat, but their range seems to be a little more restrained in lousy weather. Plus, in bow hunting, ones ability to track an animal can be severely tested. Rain and/or drizzle tends to wash away any blood trail. This will increase the likelihood of losing the trail of a deer you hit. Leaving hurt animals out in the field just isnít done (well, by me and other folks I hunt with). Best to not risk losing a trail and stay out of the woods when the weather gets nasty.

Besides, that leaves more time for household projects. Those windows I installed in July? Finally got the moldings put up inside. Getting ready to give the family room a quick once over and getting those windows finally finished was the #1 priority. Re-tooling the shelving is next, then a couple of coats of paint will complete the worst of it. Ought to have it wrapped up in another couple of weeks (allowing some time to actually get out hunting).

Work outs have been going well. Been averaging 4 during the week, and one big one on the weekends. Weight has been kinda stuck at the same level for a couple three weeks now. Work out wise, Iím burning the same amount of calories. Iím thinking I must be cheating on my food intake tracking. Iíd like to be making better progress towards my year end goal, but at least my weight isnít going up. Finally got rid of the blueberry pie we got stuck with from that weekend with the kids. Peanuts are finally gone too. Maybe them being gone will help. All thatís left is convincing Cindy that just because her cholesterol is <200, it doesnít mean she couldnít benefit from a low fat diet. At 5í1Ē and 200+ lbs Ė she needs all the low fat help she can get. Confidentially Ė I weigh less than she does. Iím also almost a foot taller. Not something one ought to be bragging about, Iím thinking.

On other fronts, her smoking looks to be really, really cut back. Seems more work stress related than anything. Same for the drinking. This weekend she had maybe 1 drink a day. Maybe. Really only got blotto 1 night last week. I have taken the position of flat out ignoring her when sheís like that. If she asks a question, Iíll answer it, but offer no more. I wonít ask her anything at all. Sheís known for years (literally) what I think of her drinking. One of these years, sheíll actually do something about it. Until then, I just need to not enable the behavior. Iím also not going to cover her tracks for her if her drinking gets her in a bind (is that also enabling? I think so) Sheíll get to suffer the full effects of what ever the consequences are. This means that I may get to suffer as well, but if it pounds a message through her thick, armor plated skull, it may be worth it. Enough on THAT subject.

Better get my derriere back to work. Having issues with my code. Constantly it seems. Makes my head hurt. As long as it doesnít drive me to smoking & drinking, itíll be ok.

428 days down. Temperature is NOT up. Frost warnings coming soon!!

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