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Fun Weekend?
2006-01-17, 8:47 a.m.

Day 512 Fun Weekend. Sorta.

Meant to post this Monday 1/16, but life & work kinda got in the way. Kinda sorta have another update perking through my head, might get to it during lunch today. In the meantime, Here's yesterday's news:

Got in a couple of decent workouts, one Saturday, one this morning (yes, first thing Monday morning) Added almost another 10 miles to the ticker. Iím thinking maybe I should count the number of steps we take in our step class and add that to my mileage ticker. I think we do 90 Ė 100 bpm. Considering we go at that pace for 50 minutes, it comes out to about 2.1 miles at 90bpm and 30 inches per step. Uphill. Iím aware of some other folks that are tracking mileage for the year. Iíll have to check with them and see if they feel those are legitimate miles. Truthfully, I crank out as much sweat in those 50 minutes of step as I do in 30 minutes on the ellipticals.

Had another decent night bowling last Thursday too, throwing 226, 219, 199. Finally starting to get the hang of trusting the ball (and the weight block inside the ball) and letting it work the way itís supposed to. All these years, Iíve been thinking that itís the direction and amount of rotation the bowler imparts on the ball that most affects how the ball moves down the lane. Oops. Turns out Iíve been fighting my ball all along. Now my body is learning what a good shot feels like. Also getting very accustomed to throwing my ball out to 3 or 4 boards from the right gutter and trusting that it will make it back to the pocket. Thatís provided that I donít throw it too fast and keep my hand behind the ball and lift straight through. That shot can be devastating to the pins. My evidence: last year I averaged a whopping 173. This year, Iím up to 193. Still, all I have to do is look at my brothers average to get all humble again. Dudeís averaging around 222. The high average in our league? 235. Thatís REALLY humbling.

New York is talking about doing smokers another favor soon. Right now, I believe the state tax on a pack of cigarettes is $1.50. I saw an article in Sundayís paper that the state legislature is considering tacking on another $1.00. Now that I donít smoke anymore, I really, really hope they go ahead and increase the tax. Maybe thatíll finally force Cindy to quit. The girl who told me she could quit anytime. The girl who told me that when ďweĒ quit together, it was always me caving in first that caused her to start up again. Well, I have 512 reasons why it hasnít been my fault she canít quit. Maybe this latest tax increase will be the impetus she needs. The alternative? - $7.00 a pack for the brand she smokes. I might have to stop being so nice about her not having quit yet.

Saturday was my day to cook dinner. Son #2 was headed out to the Rochester Knighthawks lacrosse game with some friends, then was going to do the Dinosaur afterwards, so it was just Cindy & I for dinner.

Recently received the latest Cooking Light, so I was picking out recipes from there to try out. Found a nice looking bean & barley soup (all vegetarian) to try out, and a very simple salmon recipe that used a lemon & garlic sauce. Both dishes were very good on their own, but it occurred to me afterwards that it was a bit odd to have a bowl of soup flanked by a hunk of meat laying nearly nekkid on a plate. The salmon was excellent on itís own, but Iím thinking I should have done it as part of a salad instead. Soup & a salad is a more normal combo than soup and a filet. I think. What ever.

Have to admit I was rather flustered all weekend. Been getting the cold shoulder since Thursday night. Apparently it is very inconsiderate of me to go to the gym at 5:30am on weekdays. Actually, what might be inconsiderate is that I didnít come home after hitting the gym. I changed my schedule a bit in an effort to get to work sooner. Used to go like this:

5:10 Ė wake up
5:20 Ė get out of bed, get dressed, head downstairs
5:25 Ė get coffee maker set up, get water jug
5:30 Ė go to Y
6:45 Ė 7:00 Ė return home, get breakfast, prep lunch
7:30 Ė Cindy shows up downstairs, asking if Iíll be late
7:31 - head upstairs to shave, shower
8:00 - finally leave for work
8:20 Ė pull into work, late

Now, to shave 20 minutes off my morning, I do this:

5:10 Ė Donít get up (Nice!!)
5:40 Ė get up, shave, get dressed
5:50 Ė gather up work clothes, towel, toiletries
5:55 Ė get breakfast, set up coffee machine for Cindy, grab already prepped lunch
6:10 Ė head for Y
6:20 Ė 7:25 Ė sweat like a pig
7:30 Ė in the shower
7:40 Ė brushing teeth
7:46 Ė getting coffee from Yís free coffee service (Nice!!)
8:00 Ė pull in to work, on time

Somehow, sleeping for an extra half hour AND getting to work on time is inconsiderate of me. Since I interface with other people (Cindy) for all of 3 seconds at home in the mornings, I can see where it might be creating a huge void in someoneís day if they were to miss that. Heh. See, Thursday night, I got ripped a new one for leaving in the morning and not coming home till after work. The real pisser is that I warned Cindy that I was going to try out a new morning routine since Iíd been getting to work later than I wanted to. (we have flex hours and Iím salaried, so as long as I get in my 8.5 Ė 9 hours itís all good)

This morning, I went back to my old schedule, mostly because Cindy had the day off to observe Martin Luther King Day. Tomorrow, back to the new grind. Wondering if I should warn her about it, or just go do it and see if she notices. Think Iíll warn her. Maybe sheíll remember to turn off a light or three before she leaves.

Tonight, I get to see if the cold war is still going strong or if weíre in a dťtente fueled by cheap boxed Australian wine (aka the Shiraz)

I blame hormones too. Female in her mid 40ís? Pre-menopausal. And I thought run of the mill PMS was something. Oy.

Anyhow, here we go. Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight 205.0 on 1/13/06
Target: 180 by 7/1/06
Next weigh in: 1/20/06

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marnís Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 1/16/06: 49.88 (in 11 sessions Ė 4.94 this morning in Ĺ hour!!)
Miles with cooldown: 54.93
Target for 2006: 1000

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