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Second will have to do
2006-03-17, 4:02 p.m.

Day 572 2nd place it is

Well, bowling is over as far as team statistics go. We did not manage to force a tie with the first place team. Needing to take all 8 points to create the tie, all we could manage was to take 6. That makes it sound closer than it was. In reality, we lost the first game my a measly 13 pins. Won the second by 5 and clobbered them by 60+ the third game, but it was really all over by then.

Youngest brother struggled, I bested my average by 30 or so pins and middle brother bowled fantastic. Started slow @ 217, then threw back to back 268ís. Had the first 8 strikes in the third game. I dare say heís the reason we won the second two games.

Next week is the singles tourney and banquet. Then we have to wait until September for the fun to begin again. Iím thinking I might use my prize money to buy a new bowling ball. The one I have is 10 years old. Technology has made enough advances that upgrading to the newer reactive resin type ball would be a huge benefit to my average. Iím currently using the Burgundy Hammer, a soft shelled urethane ball. Hits nice, when I throw it properly I can get some nice movement out of it. Unfortunately, I still throw the ball a wee bit too hard for it to REALLY break sharply. To consistently carry strikes, one needs to maintain an optimum trajectory angle into the pocket (kinda like sex Ė the angle of penetration is all important). The newer reactive resin balls also have some significant weight block technology improvements as well Ė all contributing to that all important angle of penetration. Hereís the kicker. A decent resin ball costs upwards of $160. Then thereís the all important drilling. I think the cost of that is included in the price of the ball, but I may be mistaken. Think Iíll stop in at the pro shop next week and ask a few questions.

No word on a closing date or time for the Florida fiasco. Well, no word other than we THINK itís on the 31st and we HOPE itís going to be early. We have 6 official business days before I leave. Iím hoping the realtor can get some folks to make a few commitments by then.

There is one potentially contentious subject about the trip back, and that is the actual route back. Over the years, Cindyís parents had tried many routes for the Rochester/Ft. Myers trek. It usually involved heading from home to the Washington DC neighborhood, then cruising down I95 till Jacksonville and then working over to I75 by a few different methods. The trip back was often a mirror image of the trip down. Occasionally, theyíd detour through Chattanooga to see relatives, and use that detour to cruise through Cleveland to see some friends. Since the mother in law passed a few years ago, Bob has been left to his own devices as far as the route goes. Seems Bob likes getting on I75, driving north to I90, then heading east to Rochester. For someone suffering from the onset of Alzheimers, I can see where having to remember only two things (75 North and 90 East) can be a good thing. Problem is I75 & I90 meet someplace in western Ohio, 300+ miles west of where I want to be.

Cindy and I (& the kids) had used the US15/I95/route many times. US 15 is improving greatly, now mostly 4 lane through much of Pa. Except for Harrisburg and Camp Hill. Then thereís the whole 270/495/95 deal around DC. Not so nice. I95 south of DC is in general, deathly boring. Flat. Pine trees. More flat. More pine trees. Smell that? Pulp mill. Oh, THAT smell? Swamp. Yum.

Last year, Cindy & I tried a new route. I90 east to Erie Pa., then south on I79 into WV. Cut across 19S to I77 south to Columbia SC. Then take I26 east to I95 and resume the trip like normal. Avoiding DC and that whole central stretch of I95 saved oodles of time, and the drive through the Appalachians & Blue Ridge country is gorgeous.

Now Iím figuring that since Bob lets me drive pretty much anytime weíre in Florida, Iíll get to do most of the route picking. Which I fully intend to do. At some point though, Iíll have to let him drive some, to give me a break, and to show him I still think heís capable (Iím not so sure, but Iíll play along) As long as weíre between major cities and thereís no route swapping going on, I might even trust him enough to allow myself a nap, but if weíre near a metropolis (Tampa, Jax, Columbia, Charlotte, Pittsburgh), or have to do a lot of route changing (Gainesville, Fl., Va, or WV), Iím staying awake or driving. I donít want to wake up from a nap and find us in Cincinnati or Detroit and need an extra half day to get back on track. Be even worse if I was to wake up and find us in a cow pasture somewhere at night. No sun for orientation? Keep this up, Iíll scare myself into driving every stinking mile. Donít need that.

Great work out this morning. Wasnít on elliptical #9 is why. Got kind of a late start this morning though. Blaming the alarm clock, even though the problem was me hitting ďOffĒ instead of ďSnoozeĒ, then getting an extra half hour of sleep rather than just 15 minutes. Oops. Felt good though. Tomorrow is the monster work out day. 2 sets of weights, an hour of step, then another 2 sets of weights. Have been tempted to try a quick 2 mile run after that. Now that I committed to that 5K race in May, maybe I should. If I can knock off 2 miles in 15 minutes after a typical Saturday morning work out, I ought to be in decent shape.

Maybe what I can do is start alternating treadmill work with the ellipticals. Just run 30 Ė 35 minutes twice a week, take what ever distance I get, and work on improving the distance. Then as the it gets closer to the 5K race date, I can start running only 5K and work on pacing. Day before and of the race? Nothing serious. Stuff to stay loose, but no exertion. Itís a plan, hope it works.

Emailed one of the trainers at the Y about what style transponder to get. Our machines accept heart rate transponder inputs, I just need to know which manufacturers they are compatible with. Using one of those will take the whole hand grip contact issue out of the picture. I just hope they cost under $50 or so. Otherwise I may have to give up the new bowling ball. Decisions, decisions.

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight 199.25 on 3/10/06 (More progress!!) (not weighing myself again till Saturday Ė Iím skeered a little this week)
Target: 180 by 7/1/06
Next weigh in: 3/18/06

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marnís Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 3/16/06: 209.01
Miles with cooldown: 230.24
Target for 2006: 1000 miles

Might have to add a little something for the 5K training too.

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