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2006-04-11, 1:38 p.m.

Day 597 Quickie

That thing I said I wanted to learn before I left work yesterday? Done. Now expanding on it, so I canít spend much time lollygagging (izzat one word or two? Ė If I spell it as one, the Word spell checker doesnít seem to mind, so thatís how itíll go) here.

Didnít really have time to do serenavilleís zip-loc omelet this morning cuz I was running a little late to the gym. I will definitely try it Wednesday morning. Thatís not a gym day and I wonít feel so rushed. Iíll try and set something up with flickr or photobucket so yíall can see the damage. Iím skeptical about the part where itís supposed to roll right out of the bag. Ingredient-wise, Iím thinking of sticking to safe things like ham & cheese. Besides, Iím not so hot on the onions & peppers for breakfast. I gotta sit at a desk all day, I donít want to be burping that stuff up with my coffee.

Speaking of the gym, got in another semi decent work out again this morning. Go do my aerobics with the girls tonight and Iím off for an entire day. I do mean girls in that aerobics class too. Usually thereís me, Chris (husband of one of the other girls there), Angelo (sometimes), Mike (fewer times) that are the most regularly attending guys. Thereís others that stop in for a taste, but they donít seem to be able to hang. Too bad. Takes a couple of classes to really get the hang of it, but Iím finding that it can provide a really good workout, especially if you use the higher intensity options that the instructors suggest. Some nights, I soak my shirt almost down to the bottom hem. Thatís a really good sweat.

Looks like I might have pulled a bit of a bone head move. Signed up for a 5K road race on May 13th. After checking the kids college academic calendars, I see thatís the weekend BOTH of them will likely want to come home. One in Fredonia and one in Syracuse. How the hell is that gonna work? Heh. When I first signed up for that race, I thought theyíd already be home by then. Dumb ass. Maybe Iíll go pick up my race package early and just turn in my timing chip. Hope I at least get to keep the shirt. I can always wear it just like I really ran the race, right? Sure, thought so.

Looking forward to having Good Friday off. Gym isnít closed, so maybe Iíll do a more complete work out, rather than my usual morning quickie. Wonder if Cindy will go with me? Riiiiiiiight. She thinks a work out lasts 20 minutes. Takes me that long to start sweating. Have to work on her attitude a bit. Oops. Wait. Maybe thatís not right. Set a good example and hope sheíll follow? One can only hope. Hey Ė if Jill (Zachís girlfriend) ends up spending the summer (fall, winter) with us, I can always talk her into coming to aerobics with me. She was quite the jock in high school Ė field hockey, cheerleading, softball Ė sheíd enjoy a good work out. Plus sheís said sheíd pay to watch me do aerobics. Well, hereís her chance. This could be real fun, or real funny. Either way Ė itís all good.

Uhhh, later I guess.

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight 197.25 on 4/8/06 (I was good, didnít peek this morning!!)
Target: 180 by 7/1/06 (looking harder & harder to hit)
Next ďofficialĒ weigh in: 4/15/06

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marnís Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 4/11/06: 269.77
Miles with cooldown: 297.46
Target for 2006: 1000 miles

Might have to add a little something for the 5K training too.

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