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The Pending Move
2006-06-09, 3:57 p.m.

Day 656 Pending Move

Well, tomorrow’s the big day. Bob gets his own swinging bachelor pad. We’re going to start early and go till it’s done. Not sure if Bob’s going to spend the night there Saturday, but 99% of his worldly possessions will. Might keep a change of clothes at our place, just in case.

Due to pick up a truck at UH@ul 7am sharp. Probably have a 25 - 30 minute drive to get there. Then we head south for 45 – 50 minutes to get to Wayne’s place, where the bulk of Bob’s furniture, etc. is being stored. I would dearly love to just load all the stuff in the truck, but I’m afraid Bob will want to go through each and every box to ID what’s in it. Of course, if he hadn’t re-packed and consolidated (three f’in times!!!) the packing job the professional movers did in March, we wouldn’t have to re-inventory again. Somehow, I want to make the argument that we don’t need to inventory because he won’t remember what’s in the boxes anyhow, but I need to figure out a civil, tactful way to break this to him. Maybe I can goad Wayne into blurting out a “WTF Dad, you won’t remember anyways!” for me. That’d be sweetness.

Once we’re loaded up down south, we’ll head to my place (45 minutes) to pick up the remainder of Bob’s stuff, grab lunch and one of my brothers (not 6/6/06 boy – he’s lost in the wilds of Tennessee) then head over to the nicest senior living community in Western NY. I am determined, that with the crew we’ll have working (5 able bodied males + Bob) that we can at least get the UH@ul unloaded by 3pm. I need to have it back to the rental place no later than 5 – and even that was difficult to negotiate. Hey!! There’s my argument for not inventorying Bob’s boxes. No freakin time. Truck has to be back or you pay big penalties. That’ll work.

Sport is going to be sending me that Buckwheat Zydeco cd. I can’t wait to unleash that on the family some fine Saturday afternoon while we’re all hanging out on the patio, sipping our Yuengling’s Saranac’s while grilling up something delectable for dinner. I’ll play that along with my Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs cd. They’ll think I’ve gone around the bend for sure. I’ve been getting kinda bored with the classic rock format lately, country does absolutely nothing for me, blue grass can be kinda cool, jazz can be really neat, but it’s hard to know who does what style and who does what I’d like. I’m also not so much into the lyrics, more into the instrumental parts, how they fit together and how they get you stimulated. That said, I’m also not much for the relaxing type music, I like the stuff that gets you cranked up and moving. Or at least toe tapping.

Speaking of Sport, (like I did way up there), she’s down another couple of pounds. The girls are putting the guy(s) to shame in this little contest. I might, maybe, possibly, be down a teeny little bit this week, but I can’t go weigh in till Sunday or maybe even Monday. Saturday is my normal weighing day, but I’m going to be kind of busy this Saturday. Hoping to get to the Y Sunday and fit in an aerobics class and some weights, but this whole ‘taking care of me’ bidness ain’t going over so well with a certain someone. It’ll work out though. Push comes to shove, I’ll just hit the scales Monday.

Oh, oh, I have plans to make a motivational tool for her ab crunch work too. I need some help from a co-conspirator (prolly Zach, the Stalking Victim) We’ll get to work on the project tonight, finish it Sunday and sent off to Sport in time for her to get herself in shape for that Moonlight Drive show. She’s gonna love her motivational tool, I’m sure.

Gotta go finish another rush-rush project.

Updated stats:
Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight 189.75 on 6/5/06 (I’m sooo stuuuuuuck)
Target: 180 by 7/1/06 (Right)
Next “official” weigh in: 6/11/06

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marn’s Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 6/2/06: 446.20
Miles with cooldown: 490.77
Target for 2006: 1000 miles

Weighdown Stats
Brian 4.0 14 3
Sport 5 8 3
alison 4 8 4

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