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3 Fewer Woodchucks
2006-06-19, 4:02 p.m.

Day 666 3 in 3 Days

Oh. Day 666. Maybe I shouldn’t update today? Naahh. That’d be superstitious. Besides, we already passed by 06/06/06. Now it the TWO of them coincided, well . . .

The local woodchuck population is now officially hurting. Got one Friday, one Saturday and another one Sunday. More dumb ones apparently. That’s the first 3 day streak ever in local (like my yard) woodchuck trapping history. Starting to run out of room to bury them back in the woods. I would hope that sooner or later we’re going to run out of woodchucks looking for a new home and they’ll stop checking out my shed. Then and only then will the carnage stop. Heh.

Was preparing a longish missive about what the “Day ###” stuff means at the top of every entry. Then it morphed into some self-psycho babble nonsense about me & my pet alcoholic. Debating whether or not to finish it. Probably will, but somewhat edited. Be nice to at least record what I’m thinking about the situation from time to time.

Weekend was busy & full. Hotter than blazes too. Our first days of 90+ degree temps. Did the usual Saturday morning workout. Whoop de doo. Grabbed lunch, got the mail, then broke down and did ALL the shrub trimming and clean up. That took from lunch time, straight through to dinner. Yes, we have mucho shrubs. Might have gotten them all trimmed up sooner, but the mail contained a little surprise package from Sport. Not too long ago, she had offered to send out copies of a Buckwheat Zydeco CD. Being the curious sort (and loving Cajun cooking too {like that matters?}) I asked her for a copy. Not only did she send the Zydeco CD, she tossed in another titled “Happy Happy Joy Joy Anti Road Rage CD”

Now, I was SUPPOSED to be trimming shrubs (and burying woodchucks), so I couldn’t steal a lot of listening time just yet. But I did steal some. I gotta say, I really liked what I heard. Even the Zydeco – but that would be enhanced if I knew even a little bit if French. Have no clue what ol’ Buckwheat is saying in a bunch of songs, but the music part is just fine. For all I know, he could be talking dirty to his girlfriend and I’d never know the difference. Certainly would change ones perspective on the songs, wouldn’t it?

I snuck in some listening time on the Anti-Road Rage CD too. Had to get all the way into track 4 before there was even a tune I knew – but they were all really, really good songs. Upbeat, toe tapping, get you moving kinda music. Where on earth do you people (Sport) run across music like this? It isn’t being played on the radio around here, and I’m jealous.

Only setback was I could only play them on my computers CD player. Stereo wouldn’t play them at all. Gonna have the kids re-rip the tunes off them and try re-burning them. Might have a little CD-Drive compatibility dealie going on. I know we can play CD’s the kids (heh – kids, right!) burn in the car and in the main stereo system, so there’s hope. But, of course the kids have the newer computers with the CD burners. Mom & Dad limp along on some old beastie that doesn’t even have a 1GHz processor. But we’re fixing that problem soon I tell ya. Time for the parents to be as technologically current and savvy as the kids. As soon as they teach us. (Well, not really teach us. I mean, I AM a geeky electrical engineer – these things shouldn’t be beyond me, I hope)

Since all the shrubbery work was done Saturday, that left Sunday open for the annual golf trip with the boys. Now, we go golfing plenty, but Fathers Day is just a given. To make it a little special, we actually played 18 holes instead of only 9. Because it was so stinkin’ hot again (90+) we broke down and got carts. Good thing too. As it was, the 3 of us went through better than 2 gallons of water.

As proof that the earth is now spinning on it’s proper axis again, the kids let me win this time too. First time this year. Of course, we aren’t counting Mulligans (do-overs), which we dole out pretty liberally when it’s just the three of us. We’re more interested in having a good time than sweating what the actual scores are, but there are the bragging rights to consider.

Did a lovely Fathers day dinner of Dinosaur Barbeque style pulled pork sammiches, Dinosaur style baked beans, Dinosaur style mac salad and even Dinosaur style grits. Deeelish dinner, grits and all. So glad we have the Dinosaur Barbecue cookbook . What would we eat otherwise??

If you’re ever in the Syracuse or Rochester neighborhoods, you need to check out the Dinosaur. The place is an experience unto itself, then there’s the food too. Oh my!

Workouts going great, diet is drawing nearer to a maintenance mode, and I just got a new 20 inch monitor for my second office PC. Just need to track down a video cable and we’ll be all set. This will allow me to work a little more efficiently. Big monitor means I can get more code displayed on the screen at one time – more ways to get utterly confused, no, wait – easier to track all the interactions between modules.

Oh. Work. Yeah – better get to that. More photos to be loaded into flikr next time – possibly including my awe inspiring golf swing!!

Hey Alison – Way to go too! I think I’m actually current on the stats this time. (Kicking our butts like that, grrrrr)

Updated stats:
Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight 186.75 on 6/12/06 (?!?)
Target: 180 by 7/1/06 (Riiiight)
Next “official” weigh in: 6/17/06

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marn’s Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 6/15/06: 472.2
Miles with cooldown: 519.16
Target for 2006: 1000 miles

Weighdown Stats
Brian 7.0 14 1.5 50.0
Sport 5 8 1.5 62.5
alison 7.0 8 3 87.5

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