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Not So Bad
2006-07-20, 4:52 p.m.

Day 697 Not So Bad

Turns out the Saturn is fine. No signs of imminent clutch failure. Maybe it was a seat adjustment thing Ė after all Cindy is a towering 5í1Ē, so if the seat were a notch or two further back, maybe the clutch pedal would feel a little funky. I took it for a little spin around the neighborhood, made a couple of trips through all the gears and thought it was fine. Asked Cindy about it that evening and got no response other than a dirty look. Of course, she was already well into her cups, so thereís no telling just what was running through her mind at that point.

No update on the woodchuck wars. Little shits are still out there threatening my beans. If I get real bored this weekend, maybe Iíll set up a chair on the roof of the shed. I can wait for the fuzzy foragers to try sneaking in from the woods, then pop them with an arrow as soon as they cross my property line. Wonít have to worry about them running off Ė I bet theyíll be pretty securely nailed to the ground. Could also set up shop in a maple tree right in front of the shed. Anything to get a little elevation & cover.

Zach & Jill had their 3rd anniversary of dating yesterday. To celebrate, they headed out to Red L0bster for a nice romantic dinner. Well, ok, a nice seafood dinner. Canít see Red R0bster being even remotely romantic. Still Ė 3 years for those kids. Met at Six Flags Darien Lake working the Go Karts or something. Now theyíre unofficially talking marriage in a couple more years Ė soon as Jill finishes up her Dental Hygiene program. As long as they behave themselves, looks like Iíll make it safely into my 50ís before they make me a grand pappy. Whew! Thatíll make me feel little better. Course, thereís still Eric & Kelly to consider, but I think theyíre not looking quite so far ahead. Both of them will need to do some grad school work to get set up in their fields, so marriage & kids are probably not in their immediate plans. I hope.

Didnít get to use my favorite elliptical machine (#10) this morning, but still managed to get in a reasonably vigorous workout. Usually, when I see someone on my favorite machine, Iím kinda disappointed because theyíre trudging along at 5 or 6mph on some real low resistance level. This morning though, a 30-ish young woman was on it, tooling along at a respectable 9 Ė 10 mph doing some serious hill climber routine. That was pretty impressive. I didnít feel so bad seeing as my favorite machine was getting a decent workout. If I see her again, I might ask her which routine she runs so I can try it. Maintaining 9mph at some of the resistance levels I saw her trotting along at is hard. Wonder if the resistance levels are adjusted based on your body weight? The machines do ask for your weight when you start Ė although that could just be for accurate calorie calculations. Hmmm.

Oooh Ė I gotta get my next race registration form mailed in. The Karknocker 5K. An evening race over in East Rochester, in conjunction with the firemanís carnival. Should be a nice flat course, and we gat free carny food after. Funnel cakes are good for you, right? Plus, any t-shirt with the word Karknocker on it, along with a picture of a steam locomotive has got to be pretty good for workouts.

After that one, thereís a benefit race in my old home town, Scottsville. Lady there started a 5K as a birthday present to her sister, who has Lupus. The race is to raise money for Lupus research & treatment. I donít think thereís a free t-shirt for this one, but the registration is only $13, itís for a great cause and itís in my home town. Why not go? Might actually see someone I know and surprise the crap outta them. Very few people there are aware Iíve quit smoking, so seeing me do the race ought to be a real trip for a few folks.

Got to settle on an address decoding scheme and register assignments for variables & such. Then I can move forward with this VHDL coding project. Soon as thatís done (couple three weeks maybe), thereís more lasers to blow up. Donít you wish you had my job?

Man, I should have been a forest ranger. Might be an entry in that thought, ya think?

Al Anon later today. Lets see if I can muster up the gumption to actually contribute a little tonight. Might want to read the books a wee bit too. Catch up from last week. Also gotta email Cindy and tell her Iíll be late tonight. Wonder if I should tell her why too? Nah, not in an email. But, if thereís a sober moment when I get home tonight (HAH, *FFC!) I can drop the bomb then. Maybe Iíll be calling in sick Friday as a result. The ensuing discussion could be a doozy.

Updated stats:
Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight 186.25 on 7/15/06 (IT MOVED!!)
Next weigh in: 7/22/06

New target Ė 8/22/06 to be at 180 (my 2 year quit anniversary)

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marnís Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 7/20/06: 558.49
Miles with cooldown: 614.18
Target for 2006: 1000 miles
Plus 45+ miles biking so far.

* Editors note Ė FFC = Fat Fucking Chance

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