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Temporary Lull
2006-07-25, 2:56 p.m.

Day 702 Temporary Lull

Didn’t have the heart to shoot holes in the temporary lull that overtook the household last night. Actually had a rather nice evening. Communicated and conducted ourselves like human beings. Had dinner at the table – not in front of the idiot box. Actually already know what’s for dinner tonight. Sorry Pam I know I promised us I’d get that little talk in at the next sober moment, but I kinda liked riding the wave of this one. Plus, Eric’s girlfriend was visiting (from Syracuse) and I didn’t want to risk getting something stoked up in front of guests.

Lame excuses, every one, but I’m stickling with them, so there.

Also learned last night that there is a small potential that we may acquire yet another house guest for the remainder of the summer. Eric’s friend from school (Bam) is(was?) splitting an apartment with a roomie in the city. He was taking a class at the local community college that he needed in order to be admitted back into Fredonia in the fall. This is kinda important to us as he is one of Eric’s roommates in his off campus apartment for the year.

Well, it seems that the landlord over there got an urge to paint. So while both kids were out of the apartment for the day (work, school, what ever), he came in and painted. No prep, no protection, no announcement. Apparently got paint all over some of Bams work (art student) and a lot of the roommates work (also an art student). The roommate went ballistic – threatened to pack up, move out and sue the land lord. Bam can’t afford the apartment on his own. As it is, Bam’s parents (from Queens) are paying the rent for him.

Eric & Kelly went over to see him last night, armed with the assurance that we’d let Bam crash in our basement till the start of the school year. Room and board to be negotiated. Didn’t have an update on that situation as of this morning.

Did a little inadvertent flashing last night too. Zach & Jill got home just as I was about to get into bed. I heard Zach come upstairs. Thinking nothing of it, I cracked our bedroom door open and chatted with him briefly. Briefly – funny. That’s all I was wearing at the time too. Briefs, but not the tighty whitey’s, no sirree. But anyhow. Doing the quick catch up with Zach while hanging out in my drawers is no biggee. Our bedroom door is at the top of the stairs, and also faces down the length of the upstairs hallway. I saw the downstairs lights on and figured Jill was down there still. Oops. She popped out of her bedroom door, briefly (there’s that word again) took a glance down the hall and retreated back into her room. THAT’S when it occurred to me that I was leaning up against the door frame, talking with Zach, wearing nothing more than my Fruit of the Looms. Oh well. It’s like a swim suit, right? Certainly more than speedo, but not quite as much as a pair of Bermuda’s. At least I wasn’t wearing boxers with the fly half open.

Downstairs lights? On because Eric & Kelly were still out – not because Jill was down there. Life was so much easier when the kids were gone and we could traipse around in underwear or even less – getting that extra drink of water at night, more ice, go downstairs for snacks, what ever. Now, having a girl in the house too – geeze, I’m gonna have to get almost fully dressed just to leave the bedroom.

So outside of those little tidbits of excitement, our evening was actually quite peaceful. No way I was into rocking the boat just yet. So I didn’t. Hoping for another opportunity tonight.

Tough work out this morning. Strapped for time, skipped the weights. Again. Cardio was only so-so, not my favorite machine. Right next door though, so I could see how #10 was being used – left so short of it’s potential. I’d like to do aerobics tonight, maybe sneak in early or hang late and get in a little weight work. Don’t think either of those is high enough priority to bump what I should do.

Depends. If Cindy is hanging in there clear eyed and coherent, time for plan A, execute “the chat”. If she’s is having a sobriety optional evening, I get to do a workout at the Y. (Unfortunately, no, not that “Y”) That would be plan B, for those keeping score. Plan C, should the need arise could involve the chat, a bike ride, and some quality time with the universal gym at home. Not my fave, but still an option. Hate to hit & run, but it does cover all the bases.

Unfortunately, anything involving “the chat” will also expand to include “the discussion”. “The discussion” is the one where every little transgression I’ve committed in the last 30 years is brought back to light and is included in the list of things that cause Cindy’s current self medication binges. I hate “the discussion”. The only good thing about the discussion is that it’s usually fueled by those self medicated binges. If I can stick with Plan A or C, “the discussion” might be circumvented – especially if I call her on the bullshit of her excuses as soon as it starts. Again. Then it’s back to the plan – no tolerance, no help, no harm, no hindrance. Until it sinks in, I think it’s all I can do. Maybe, just for added emphasis, I’ll fill her in on what I’ve been doing and will continue to do on Thursdays right after work.

Man, I hate to spoil a potentially quiet evening.

Updated stats:
Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight 185.75 on 7/22/06
Next weigh in: 7/29/06

New target – 8/22/06 to be at 180 (my 2 year quit anniversary)

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marn’s Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 7/20/06: 574.08
Miles with cooldown: 631.26
Target for 2006: 1000 miles
Plus 45+ miles biking so far.

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