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The Thumper Rule
2006-07-31, 5:15 p.m.

Day 708 The Thumper Rule

We all remember Thumpers Mom telling him “ . . .if you can’t say anything nice, shut up . . .” or something to that effect. In that spirit, I’ll refrain from any whining, whinging, bitching and/or moaning for one entire entry. Guess it’ll be a short one, eh?

Got another woodchuck Saturday. I forget how many that is now. Something like 15. Beans are safe though. Tasty too.

New lilies in the pond are flowering profusely. Shoulda got a picture over the weekend, but I was kinda tied up with other projects. At one point we had 10 separate lily blossoms, plus one water hyacinth. Really neat.

Eric’s beer pong (Pong, not Bong Liz – where’s your head?) table is shaping up pretty nicely. Doing it in Fredonia school colors, blue & white. His buddy Bam is trying to get a decal made of the school mascot/logo – a blue devil. They plan on centering that on the table, then coating the whole thing in a ploycrylic finish to ‘waterproof’ it. Water, yeah, right.

Sorta gave the table a bit of a dry run Saturday night. Weren’t allowed to use actual beer due to the lack of a finish on the wood, so we weighed the cups down with coins, phones, keys, whatever was handy. I surprised the boys by soundly thumping them. Good thing we weren’t playing for beers or I’d have been driving Bam home instead of Eric. Pups. I do have a standing invite to come play though – and I don’t think I’ll have trouble finding a partner (Eric). It’s amazingly easy flinging a ping pong ball into a 16 oz cup that’s only 8 feet away. Hmmm – considering the drive home I’d have, I doubt I’d play anyhow. Me, with a bunch of 20 & 21 yr olds? I’d get arrested for contributing to the delinquency of minors. Even though THEY would have been corrupting ME.

Got in another nice Saturday morning workout. In the aerobics class, the regular instructor (Amy) is mentoring a new instructor-to-be (Therese). Therese had one really rough class where she kinda got us all mixed up. Since then, Amy has her do warm ups, then Amy takes over and we plow through the bulk of the heavy cardio.

This past week, Therese did warm ups again, Amy took over for a bit, then Therese got to finish the heavy cardio and do the cool down. Happy to say Therese has learned a bit. Her problem before was mostly that she knew where she was headed next, but we didn’t. She never gave us much warning on what move was coming up next, and then she’d only do a couple of reps, then it’s be off to another move. Now, she still cuts it close on calling the next move (step) but she’s got us doing more reps, so people have a chance to catch up. Then her patterns are shorter, so we get to see a whole pattern and make some sense of it. She did much better this week, and the class did a good job of letting her know she did better. Besides getting a nice round of applause and the end, lots of us went up and told her she did a really good job. Plus she did a killer ab work out during the cool down. I’m going to remember a few of those moves – they were new to me and woke up a new muscle fiber or three down there.

Also got in another nice bike ride this weekend. Rode out to the same college, but took yet another different route. This time, I was dodging trains. Hate the thought of just standing at a RR crossing, waiting for a train to pass. Early in my ride, I could hear a train coming along and had an opportunity to dart off down a different road, eventually taking a bridge over those same tracks. Ended up taking a few new roads making the overall ride a little shorter than previous trips. Sunday, it just got me home sooner, which was good, cuz I was cooking gumbo. Hate to wait any longer than necessary for that goodness.

Have to go to a family reunion in New Jersey this coming weekend. The part of new Jersey near Bethlehem Pa, NOT near NYC. Google maps makes it look quite nice really. Looks like there might be ample opportunity to sneak in morning runs in the 3 – 5 mile range, just have to maybe find a willing partner. I could just say screw it and go myself, but it’s be nice to jog with someone that knows the lay of the land (like where the dogs that might chase you are). There’s a cousin or two that might be game, maybe an aunt even. We’ll see.

Ordered a spare battery & charger for my camera. Charger can be plugged into a car’s accessory outlet. Might come in handy this weekend. If and only if I ordered it soon enough. Thought I had another week, till I looked at the calendar. Oops. At least I’ll have fresher batteries in the future. Will be rooting for the post office to hurry up and deliver. Utah to NY in 3 days. Doable? Sure.

No clue what’s for dinner. Leftovers I suppose. Never got anything out this morning. Ought to try and plan the rest of the week, maybe lay in some other leftovers for the kids while we’re off to New Jersey. Yeah, I know, bad idea leaving those three twenty somethings home alone while we’re off partying. Truth is, they’ll be too busy working to get into much trouble. All 3 of them have to work Saturday, Zach & Jill both work Sunday and Eric will be primed to sleep till noon at a minimum. Plus, they’re good kids. We won’t worry. Much.

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight 184.75 on 7/31/06
Next weigh in: 8/7/06

New target – 8/22/06 to be at 180 (gotta go some!)

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marn’s Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 7/31/06: 594.34
Miles with cooldown: 653.67
Target for 2006: 1000 miles
Plus 60+ miles biking so far.

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