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New Digs
2006-08-02, 3:20 p.m.

Day 710 New Digs

Finally trying out a new layout. Got brave and did a little digging. Found Raging Pistachio Designs (now defunct). Dude left a bunch of designs behind that are free. This one caught my eye. Gotta figger out how to add in a links page and a few other things over there on the left edge, but all in all I think most of the basics are installed ok. Who knows, maybe a gold subscription with real live imbedded pictures is next.

Speaking of pictures, I got a nice shot of a blossom on a water hyacinth. Really cool looking thing. Unfortunately, it’s on the home machine at the moment. I’ll upload it tonight and include a link tomorrow. Never seen a blossom quite like this one. Easy to dismiss from a distance, but when you get within a couple feet of it the details start to become noticeable.

Ended up not setting a temperature record yesterday. We’re all SO disappointed. Looks like we’ll get to make another run at it today. Oh boy!! Did stay at work kinda late last night to suck up as much A/C as I could. Cindy’s A/C at work is broke, parts are on order. Been broke since May I think. She and her cohorts skipped lunch yesterday and ended up leaving an hour early. Now, the A/C in her car is also shot, and we have no A/C at home, so I don’t know what exactly she hoped to do. Her boss’s (the principal) office A/C is working, I suggested she hang out in there until he gets the hint and expedites getting her A/C fixed.

Today, she’s leaving work early again and hanging out at a friends pool for the afternoon. Makes much more sense to me.

That leaves our favorite question: “What’s for dinner?” Obviously too hot to cook. Too hot to stand inside and chop veggies for a salad even. Did the @pplebees curbside thing last night. Maybe we can do taco’s tonight. Brown the meat outside on the grill, heat up some refried beans there to, chop up some lettuce real quick, shred a little cheese, then back up and let ‘em eat. Might be nice and still do a little salad too, but enough taco’s ought to fill the bellies. Heck – you have the 4 major food groups represented all in one hand held meal. I’ll send Cindy an email suggesting just that. She’s been so thrilled about planning meals lately, she’ll be happy to have it out of the way.

Plans are brewing for getting my ancient butt to the New York State Fair for the first time ever. Will be trying to figure out a way to meet up with Serena after dragging Zach back for his final semester of school. We had such a good time together the first time through, this one ought to be a real blast. None of those ‘getting to know you” jitters to deal with, we can just get straight to shootin’ the shit and having fun. Might (maybe) enjoy a beer or three too. If they serve Yuengling’s. Oh – and pictures!! Pictures will happen this time. Of course, they’ll be edited to protect our innocence (we do too have innocence left – some anyhow), but I’m sure there will be stuff worth sharing.

Time to go scheme, I mean, get back to work. Actually managed to get one module written and tested today, only a few more to go. Nice being able to get these entries typed up during compilations & simulations. Doesn’t do much for cohesiveness, but you gotta grab what time you can, right?

Updated stats: Same as yesterday!! Wimpy Wednesday – no workout!!

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight 184.75 on 7/31/06 (musta been seriously dehydrated)
Next weigh in: 8/7/06

New target – 8/22/06 to be at 180 (gotta go some!)

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marn’s Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 8/1/06: 604.38
Miles with cool down: 664.69
Target for 2006: 1000 miles
Plus 60+ miles biking so far.

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