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What Would Yoda Do?
2006-08-08, 12:55 p.m.

Day 716 What Would Yoda Do?

First: Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggghhhh!! A little primal scream therapy. Doesnít really help much.

Second: an observation. When making chicken parmesan, using ones fist to pound out the meat is not a good idea. While it does work nicely to flatten parts of the cut, thickness control is non-existent. Hence the nearly bisected poor little(?!?) chicken breast I had to include with dinner last night. Oops. Oh, yeah, little chicken breast my ass. What are they feeding chickens these days? Nobody ate an entire breast. Itís embarrassing. Makes me think I cook poorly.

Finally, Yoda. At least, a question for Yoda. Had an odd run of days lately. Sorta culminated in the chicken pounding fiasco last night. Did not do a very good job of deflecting, diverting, defusing, de-somethingening the frustration. Whereíd the frustration come from you ask? Silly people. I get a call about 4pm. Cindy wants me to pick up some stuff on my way home. Sheís already home from work, but needs a few things for dinner. Fine, no problem. Then I hear the ice cubes tinkling in the back ground. Sheís only been home for 30 minutes at this point.

On my way home, I get another call. Itís about 5:30pm She wants me to pick up a loaf of Italian bread too. Sheís having trouble putting together words to make sentences and is slurring some letters/syllables. Oh joy.

I get home, sheís out front on the Riviera . . .

We interrupt this whine for some late breaking news. We have copies of recent email exchanges between our hero and his protagonist. Witness: on Tuesday, August 8, 2006 at 9:48 AM -0500 wrote:
I'll be home around 5, then I'm going to watch Zach play softball. He's playing at 5:30 at the fields on Fisher Rd. After, I am going to get back to that aerobics class that I haven't been to since June. I'll munch on some leftovers after that for dinner. Zach & Jill will probably head out after the game. Besides sleeping in on his day off, I have no idea what Ericís plans are. You & Eric may be on your own for dinner.

OK what ever. I'll be getting car inspected then off to the gym. Guess we'll skip dinner. There won't be much for leftovers so guess you'll have to fix something. Thanks for letting me know. Actually though you might actually plan a meal. Guess not.

Cynthia Xyzzy
High School Secretary
123-4567 on Tuesday, August 8, 2006 at 10:14 AM -0500 wrote:
I've already said I wanted to plan meals a week at a time - I even mentioned it last week. But until you can actually spend a few evenings in a row at home sober, don't expect much communication to happen - and it's hard to plan out a week of meals with out communicating.

By the way, your car probably won't pass inspection. You need tires. Go ahead and give it a shot, but don't expect to pass. They'll probably end up giving you a 10 day temporary while we get tires put on it. Even if it does pass, you'll need tires before winter.

edited out full names & contact info to protect our right to argue in private
you didnít really think our last name was Xyzzy, did you?

Yeah, I actually sent that last reply. Only 4 minutes from my first email to her reply. I actually got 20 minutes of work done, then sent my own reply. Lunchtime now and Iím still waiting to see the next one. She doesnít always respond lickety-split Ė but that last one might have touched a nerve or two. Might not see a response for a few years.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled whine . . . smoking a butt and drinking one of her favorite cocktails Ė the gigunda high ball. I hate that I get pissed off just pulling in the driveway seeing that. Sets the tone for the whole evening.

Nah Ė no more whine. We have one of those dreaded Ďtalksí coming up in the near future. One of those talks where she puts the blame for her drinking all on me Ė things I did or didnít do, things I said or didnít say, all these little bullshit excuses she pins on ME to explain away her drinking. Itís about time some of that frustration and rage got funneled into something useful. Lordy, this next one will be tough. Try to funnel all that energy into the few things Iíve learned from Al Anon. Explain why I do what I do when she drinks. Explain where I go Thursday evenings now, and where Iíll be Sunday evenings in the future. Show her how her drinking has forced me to change things, how it effects the kids, how it changes our opinions of her. Above all else, do not accept letting her transfer the blame for her drinking.

If she ever responds to that last email, Iíll offer to skip my festivities tonight and have a little hoe down with her. Only if sheís gonna be sober. Had these arguments before when sheís been soused, and they donít do a thing. (Right Scotty?

Only took 2 hours, but hereís the reply:

So can I stop by the grocery store?

Cynthia Xyzzy
High School Secretary

Now I donít know what to think. Time to play it by ear. Could be a very interesting evening. What would Yoda do? (No Jedi mind tricks allowed. Earth rules here.)

Lunch is over, work beckons.

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight 187 on 8/7/06 (one bad, bad, very bad weekend)
Next weigh in: 8/14/06

New target Ė 8/22/06 to be at 180 (right)

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marnís Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 8/8/06: 629.56
Miles with cool down: 692.16
Target for 2006: 1000 miles
Plus 60+ miles biking so far.

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