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Blah, But a Good Blah
2006-08-14, 3:06 p.m.

Day 722 Blah, But a Good Blah

Had a nice, quiet, blah weekend. With one exception Friday evening, everybody stayed dry & uninebriated. Even Friday wasnít too terribly bad. That, or Iím getting used to it.

Didnít dare disrupt the tranquility by jumping into a discussion of my concerns. Our 25th anniversary is tomorrow, so no boat rocking going on for the next couple of days either. Iíd like for this to be an agreeable next few days anyhow.

Will be getting the anniversary gift tonight on my way home from work. Taking my best guess at size. If a size 5 ring sounds small, then thatís probably about right. Weíre talking about some long, skinny fingers here. This is the ring I have in mind. Donít know for sure about diamond size. Iíll wait till I see some price tags & diamond info. I am prepared to get very scared. Should I live to tell about it, I might include a picture of the ring after itís been installed on the wearers hand. Then you can see what I mean about the long, skinny fingers.

Kids left us this weekend. Zach & Jill headed to Jís home for yet another wedding (#4 this summer) and Eric headed for Kellyís for the weekend. I fiddled around and got the shed ready to paint. Trim work needing sanding & priming, and it turned out part of the fascia had rot and had to be replaced. A case of poorly diverted rain water trapped moisture along the edge of a piece of the fascia and caused it to rot. Found damage from carpenter ants and a boat load of ear whigs once I got the piece removed. Got Ďer all fixed up nice & primed. Can start the finish coats any day now. Way my schedule looks, it might be Sunday before I can wedge in a couple of hours.

Not that I can compete with Serena for a busy schedule, but hereís what this week looks like. Remember, every day starts with a work out at 6:30, then work @ 8. Work should end around 5 or 5:30. Anyhow.

Today Ė Anniversary gift shopping immediately after work. Hope I can bring it home. And immediately hide it.

Tuesday Ė Take FIL to talk about investing the proceeds of his house sale. Dude has got some $$$ to take care of. My new job. We interview bankers starting at 3pm. I DO NOT know WTF I am doing here.
After Ė Anniversary dinner. FIL coming home with me as my in-laws anniversary was the same day as ours. What are we having? Black Bean Chili. Cindyís choice. Hereís another WTF??

Wednesday Ė Meet BIL over at FILís place. FIL agreed to provide a loan to BIL for his sonís college needs this year. Oi. I am not liking this, but it isnít my choice. It WILL be counted against any inheritance BIL is to get.

Thursday Ė 5:30 Al Anon meeting. The source of my angst has been strangely dormant the last couple of days. Gift horse, mouth, where not to be lookiní Ė Iím all over that.

Friday Ė nothing yet. That canít last. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Saturday ĖRace in the old hometown. 5K Run for Lupus in Scottsville, NY. Kinda sorta know the organizer, who does this for her sister who has Lupus. Good cause, fun run, see some old buds.

Later Saturday Ė Haul Eric to Fredonia, help him set up shop for the year. His first foray into off campus living. The beer pong table is finished, tested & broken in. Seems that during our trip to NJ last weekend, some (4) 30 packs of el cheapo beer were consumed. Garage floor STILL smells like beer.

Sunday Ė NOTHING. Maybe a bike ride. Maybe a leisurely trip from home out to Scottsville & back (20+ miles), or maybe Iíll hit up the Erie Canal trails and ride to Brockport & back (30+ miles). I donít know. Itís tough having unscheduled time. Also see nature & vacuum comment above. Shit. See aboverer. Something about a shed and paint, right? Got that vacuum filled fast, huh? Hey Serena, if youíve got a spare minute Sunday, come on over, I can put you to work painting!! Probably falls right in there with camping as a favorite activity, doesnít it? Heee. Címon, the way youíre carting kids around, I have to be on your way to or from something!

Tell you what Ė Iíll set you up with a hammock under a shade tree. You and Cindy can swap war stories while I paint. Wouldnít that be a helluva way for everyone to meet? Heck - it could get you a day off from the kids!

Iíd ask Sport to come help paint, but she probably would, just to rub my nose in my not going down to her place and not helping build her dang fence for those cute little miniature horses. Actually, ya know Sport, Iíll be in Fredonia Saturday, which is only about 30 minutes from Erie (the way I drive), which is maybe 2 Ė 2.5 hours north of you? I could actually show up in time to drive the last staple in maybe. I can hammer real good. Then you could ride back up with me to do some painting Sunday. Brilliant!

Yeah, like sheís going to leave those horses for more than a nanosecond for the next 6 months. Hah! Yings & wings couldnít drag her away. Sheís got spunk though, out there wrassling welded wire fencing, digging post holes, sinking locust posts. Tough work.

Have to see if Zach is working Sunday. Heíll help if heís off. Cindy would help too Ė but sheís not a big fan of ladders. Any ladder. Two steps up is her limit. At 5í1Ē, she ainít painting awful high. Might be able to reach the tops of the short sides though. Hmmm. Little mini scaffold, rollers, paint tray Ė possibilities there. Iíd have to do all the high stuff, but I do that anyhow. Hmmmm. What a bonding experience, no?

Iím gonna go contemplate the possibilities. Scary. Very scary.

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight: 185.5 on 8/14/06 (made up for the bad weekend, but still behind)
Next weigh in: 8/14/06

New target Ė 8/22/06 to be at 180 (right)

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marnís Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 8/14/06: 650.33
Miles with cool down: 715.10
Target for 2006: 1000 miles
Plus 60+ miles biking so far.

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