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Another Anniversary
2006-08-22, 2:23 p.m.

Day 730 Another Anniversary

As of 9:00 this morning, my stats from

My Quit

My Stats:Your Quit Date is: 8/22/2004 7:00:00 PM

Time Smoke-Free: 729 days, 13 hours, 50 minutes and 9 seconds
My Med Plan: No Medication
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 14592
Lifetime Saved: 3 months, 21 days, 11 hours
Money Saved: $2,978.40

Today, at 7pm I will have been a non-smoker for 2 years. With any luck what so ever, I plan on spending this evening at a step aerobics class, celebrating by sweating my fool head off. It’s going to feel so good!

Cindy went to the jewelry store yesterday and finalized the ring re-swap. Big thanks go to the sales woman that helped her yesterday. She talked to the owner and was able to over ride the store policy and refund us the difference in cost. This was made somewhat easier considering we were changing back to our original purchase. Just occurred to me that the refund is almost enough to cover the cost of my new bowling ball. That’s all the justification I need.

Time to call Joe at the pro shop and see what he’s got in stock. “Scorchin’ Inferno”, 25+ boards of break, here I come!! Uhhh, better get my bag in the van and carve out a couple of hours to go throw a few games some evening soon. League starts up in 3 weeks, and I’d like to be comfy with the ball from the get go. Maybe one of my brudders would like to tag along.

Found a great use for the e-certificate I got when I cashed in all those coins the other day. We watch Rachael Ray quite often in the early evenings. I’ve been developing a crush on the knives she uses on her ’30 minute Meals” show. They’re Santoku style knives, but seemed to have more curve in the tip than a regular Santoku. While perusing the wares at Amazon, I stumbled across knives endorsed by Rachael - even the same ones she uses on her show. If I got just the 7” version, I’d have money left over. There was a 2 knife set (7”, 5” and a nice bamboo case) for $10 more than my certificate. Very tempting. Dashed off a note to Cindy with a link.

She wrote back quickly. Liked the knives, wanted to add in two cookbooks by Ina Garten (Great cook, even better voice. She could do phone. Seriously. But only phone. Ever see her? Big girl.) yeah. Back on point. Now we’re negotiating. Do the whole mess? One knife & one book? Or do we jump up to the 8” knife and no books? I see a compromise coming. I’d like the larger knife. Cindy has a thing for smaller knives. So we’ll compromise and get the set with the 7” & 5” knives, then only get one book. Neither of us will get what we really wanted, but both will come away with more than we started with. Sounds like a perfectly orchestrated compromise to me.

Had to skip the work out this morning. Some big meeting at 7:30. Was hoping for some news on our groups sale/partnering/strategic alternatives. Got squat on that. Thing is, stuff is happening. Names, companies, strategies are known, they just can’t legally say anything because it could taint the deal. What we did get is our groups financial results for the 2nd quarter. What a sleeper. Wish I’d gone to the gym instead. By the way, our ‘group’ here at work? If you count all the pieces (service, design, manufacturing, sales, admin, etc.) we have 6000 folks around the globe. That’s a decent sized company in it’s own right.

Back to my mantra – got code due. Plus there’s new jobs out on the horizon starting to call my name. Oi, it’s good to be busy. 7 more years till the earliest retirement eligibility for me. 17 years till it’s actually feasible. Glad I quit smoking. Now I might make it to retirement.

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight: 185.0 on 8/21/06 #$*&^ scale pointer has helium in it!!
Next weigh in: 8/28/06

New target – 8/22/06 to be at 180 (hey – only missed by 5!!)

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marn’s Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 8/21/06: 674.73
Miles with cool down: 741.67
Target for 2006: 1000 miles
Plus 60+ miles biking so far.

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