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Several Quick Things
2006-09-06, 4:27 p.m.

Day 745 Several Quick Things

Several quick observations for today.

First: Be careful what you ask for. Just yesterday I was mentioning to Cindy how we’d had very few thunderstorms this past summer. This afternoon (the past couple of hours) we’ve been having - guess what? Thunderstorms. Complete with hail the size of garbanzo beans. The 3 windows we have here in Dilbertville are jam packed with techno geeks gawking at the hail. The things we’ll do for entertainment.

Second: The Y is open, the Y is open, the Y is open again!! Even got to do aerobics last night. Which was really cool, except for the part where my right knee complained. Didn’t seem to like supporting my body weight in any straight line lifting motion. Side to side moves were fine, but anything similar to hoisting yourself up a step right leg first? Ouch. A lot of ouch. Tough to deal with in a step aerobics class. Did I stop? No. (Male of the species, remember?) I did avoid some moves. Lisa, (the instructor) looked at me all weird because I’m usually one of the kamikaze people that do all the “stepped up” moves. This morning? Knee feels fine. No problems navigating steps. Musta tweaked it a bit doing the bee sting dance on Monday. All better now. One of my favorite things about these aerobics classes? The ab workout at the end. Ahhhhh. My abs were screaming last night. Felt good in a masochistic sorta way. Did take today off after hitting it so hard yesterday. Thursday & Friday will be serious weight sessions, good hard cardio on Thursday, but probably do an easy cardio Friday – gotta save something for Saturday. Better tell Cindy about that race soon. At least it fits in with my normal Saturday morning work out times.

Picked a new target date & weight. 2 whole months this time, for a lousy 7 pounds. I’ll be diving back into Fit Day to figure out new daily calorie limits. These last few pounds are a killer.

Just thought of another. Found some photos from Christmas of 2004 – before the whole diet thing began, but after the quit smoking effort started. I have two words: Holy Shit. I’ll mimic one of the poses and build a before/after thing to put up on Flickr. I am both disgusted and astounded. How did I ever get like that and not notice? Holy. Shit. Now I understand why I have this funky little chicken flap thing under my chin (dew lap? Wattle? One of them) Anyhow – new quickie project. I’ll get Cindy or Jill to help.

Last meeting with my original ‘home’ Al Anon group tomorrow. Time to switch over to the new, closer to home group. Dislike having to start over. Fret about running into people I know. Supposed to be anonymous and all, but I’ll still fret a bit. Did a mileage check last week. Almost 20 miles one way to my current group. Almost 2.5 miles to the new place. To me, meeting at 5:30 on a Thursday afternoon is worth it. Now I have to fess up about why I’m leaving the house at 7:15 on a Sunday night. Could get ugly. Is no doubt necessary (right Scotty?) Just a necessary evil I guess. May as well bite the bullet and get it done. Had been waiting for a sober moment, but when one comes along, I hate to ruin with something like “Gee honey, you’re an alcoholic, it’s driving me nuts, so I’m going to Al Anon. If you won’t get help, at least I can.” Think that might ‘ruin the moment?’ Yeah. Next sober moment, I swear.

I gotta go code some stuff. Went and fixed a problem last week, now all sorts of other stuff is due. Progress sux.

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight: 187.0 on 9/5/06 Not as bad as I feared.
Next weigh in: 9/11/06

New target – Aim is 180, date? How about Halloween?? – Yeah, look like a skeleton by Halloween.

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marn’s Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 9/6/06: 693.54
Miles with cool down: 762.69
Target for 2006: 1000 miles
Plus 107 miles biking so far.

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