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Tuesday's List
2006-09-15, 5:10 p.m.

Day 752 Tuesday's List

Last thing uttered via keyboard here:

Tomorrow’s to do list:
Skip tomorrow mornings workout
Get to work early, toil in the mine
Take a half day
Hit up the gym for a leisurely pm workout
Off to the pro shop, get the new ball fit
Practice with the new ball.
Bowl in the league.

It’s a plan

So, How’d I do? 7 for 7. Ask my thumb. And legs, and right forearm. Yeegads.

Got to work bright & early. Like 7am. That meant I skipped the morning workout. Toiled in the mine, somewhat evidenced by my lack of an appearance here.
Took a half day (ohh, better go log that into the time keeping system) (done).

Hit up the gym, got in a nice little work out – my usual morning sets. Went to the bowling alley, got measured, stretched, picked a few options then got a new ball drilled. Bowled 4 games to break the ball in. 4 wasn’t really enough, but it’s all I had time for. My very first shot with the new guy? Nearly hit the ceiling. Went back into the pro shop and had the thumb hole opened up a wee bit. Ball comes off much better now, but I still didn’t fully trust it.

Trusting the ball to come off your hand clean is necessary in order for you to have a relaxed swing, which then leads to the proper lift, yada, yada, yada. By the end of our first league game, I was starting to gain a measure of comfort. Of course, by then I had also lost a hunk of skin off my right thumb. No biggie – it wasn’t blistering and it was just the very top layer. 2nd and 3rd games of league play I was finally starting to extend properly, really getting the ball out there and applying the proper lift. The new ball was starting to react the way I had intended – but it still requires me to throw the ball properly.

Next up? A rest for my weary thumb & arm in hopes the thumb will grow a new layer of hide before next Thursday.

After bowling, I called home to see if there was anything we needed for dinner. I know it was Cindy that answered the phone, but I could barely understand a word she said. This was at 7pm. When I got home, she was sprawled on the couch, pretty much passed out. Normal lately. No sign of Jill. Kinda needed to know her where abouts so I knew how much dinner to cook. Cindy had no clue. Didn’t know where Jill went, didn’t even know if Jill had been home. Big help. I got hold of Jill on her cell. She was out with a friend having dinner at a local place. No biggie – glad to see her socializing. She’s not originally from around here and really needs to build up her network of friends. Glad to see it happening. I don’t know if she stopped home, saw what shape Cindy was in and decided to bug out or what. She’s working tonight, but I will wait tonight and chat her up when she gets home. I think Cindy’s condition is fairly upsetting to her. Maybe I can ease her worries some, maybe not, but we need to have a little chat regardless. We. Chat. Jill & I. Cindy is approaching hopeless. She and I may never get a chance to talk about why I’m having a problem with her drinking. The way she’s going this week, she may not have another sober evening for a while. I gotta learn to let that go – not get all wrapped around the axle by it. But I am going to the Sunday evening meeting this week. Hope there’s at least one other regular that’s male.

Oh – outcome of dinner? Got home a little after 7. Had dinner plated right at 8pm, just as Survivor was coming on. Perfect. Told Cindy dinner was ready. Had my dinner. Cindy slept on the couch. Survivor wrapped up (bye-bye Sekou), I cleaned up dinner. Did up the few dishes that were dirtied. Cindy slept through it. I was watching CSI (dang it, thought it would be a new one) and Cindy finally got up and lumbered upstairs. No dinner. Not my problem. Hope she asks about it tonight.

Externally, I think I’m making progress. The sniping and sarcasm have abated a bunch. Granted, there’s still some there. Last night even. Before I started cooking, I asked Cindy if she wanted to eat dinner, or was she going to drink all night? Went right over her alcohol sodden head. No fun at all – so what’s the point? (Wrong attitude, but if it gets me to lay off the sarcasm & sniping, I’m using it) She did say she’d eat what ever I cooked – which was a good thing, because she certainly was in no condition to operate a gas stove or a knife. Starting to become like living alone, or having a kid.

Tonight the local high school is hosting a marching band exhibition. 5 local bands just doing it up on the football field, under the lights $3 admission. Cheap entertainment Cindy and I were both band geeks in high school. (Me – trombone, her – bass clarinet) I’d love to go. Haven’t heard back from Cindy yet. She probably won’t want to go because it’ll interfere with her preferred evening activities. Maybe I’ll go anyhow.

I hear grumblings from west of here, over in Alison’s direction. Grumblings about wanting to start up another weight loss challenge. Well, she’s not grumbling so much as just really needing a little impetus. If you’ll recall, she was the winner of the last little weighdown thing we did. Now she wants more!! Cool. I still have maybe 10 lbs to pare off. The really tough ones. Sport, if you think you can trim even another ounce off that post hole digging, mini horse poop scoopin frame of yours, you’re welcome to join in. Actually so is anybody. We’ll just build us a great big honking table and keep track of anyone silly enough to join in. We’ll have to agree on a prize for the eventual winner. Some Amazon Doodad, a mix CD, some goofy trophy – what ever. Just some little trinket. The real prize is getting healthier.

Time to see what awaits me at home this evening. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight: 186.25 on 9/11/06 Progress.
Next weigh in: 9/16/06

New target – Aim is 180, by Halloween.

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marn’s Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 9/6/06: 720.85
Miles with cool down: 793.20
Target for 2006: 1000 miles
Plus 127 miles biking so far. (127.57 for you choosy mothers)

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