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Catching Up
2006-10-03, 12:02 p.m.

Day 772 Catching Up

Started this on Monday. Life has been such that I might finish it on a Tuesday. Of the same week even.

Work has been a maelstrom. Finally settled down Friday when we made a ton of progress. Found bugs in my stuff and bugs in another guys stuff. Dosed it all with a liberal amount of insecticide and called it good.

Bad part about solving problems? You cruise along until you hit the next problem. Which for me is adding more capability to the existing programming. Things like humping gobs of data from one place to another and generating a rats nest of control signals, all synchronized to within 10 nanoseconds or so. Just for reference, something that happens every 10 nanoseconds also happens 100,000,000 times a second. And really, we could go faster, there just isnít a need to, yet. Itís fun working on neat new stuff like this, but sometimes the stresses are a little intense. Was getting hard to breathe for a while there last week.

ĎNuff work stuff. There was bowling happening last week. Team did well again, taking all 8 points that were available. After our forced 0-8 start weíve gone 20-4, raising our total to 20-12. All is back to normal with our teams pecking order too. Well, almost. I managed to bowl my new average for the night, but got soundly thumped by Dave again. The margin would have been only 40 pins, but I caught a horrific break in the very last frame that cost me 39 pins. Coulda had a 269 game, but that very bad break (kind of a poor shot too) resulted in a God-awful split, cruelly broke off a nice long string of strikes and left me with a mere 230 game. It had such potential too! Still, after all that, my average will go up one tenth of a pin.

Had an odd weekend. Cindy was uncommunicative all day Saturday. I did my usual morning aerobics at the YMCA, added a full round of Nautilus work, got a little later than normal, and still beat her home from her trip to her weight loss meeting thing. The day just ended up being a total waste. Did grocery shopping. Whoopee.

Sunday was marginally better. Swapped out the screen for the window in the front storm door. Cleaned a mess of windows, and the back sliders. Watched the Bills game. Happy to see them not choke and actually win another game. Mowed the lawn. Had Bob over for dinner. To keep him entertained, we put him to work out in the yard running the string trimmer while I mowed. He didnít do trimming where I really wanted, but he did get a lot done (where it didnít really need it) so I was glad for the help. Kept him out of trouble for a bit and let him feel like he was helping too. Communicating with Cindy was a little better, but sheís still very stingy with the words. At least to me.

Been noticing a trend too. Cindy invites her Dad over for Sunday dinner. I go to get him. Try to time it so I donít miss too much of the Bills game. Bobís here, I get to try and entertain him. (Tough to do, when he canít remember our last conversation, in the van, 30 minutes ago) Cindy? Sneaking drinks. Somehow get through the afternoon. Have dinner. Time to run Bob back to his apartment. He gets antsy if he gets in past 8pm, like thereís a curfew. My options? Drive him back myself and pass up another Al Anon meeting, or force Cindy to drive him back, risking everything associated with a drunk person driving. No real choice there.

Need to find an alternate meeting night. Thereís a Tuesday evening group, next village west of me, maybe a 10 minute drive. Would eliminate my going to Tuesday night aerobics, but it is an established evening out and the times coincide pretty well. I wonít be coming home in gym clothes or all sweated up, so that may seem odd. Might also FINALLY force me to fess up. Maybe.

Cindy is off chaperoning another school soccer game tonight, will be home late. Would be an excellent time to give this new group a test drive. Fair chance of running into some folks from my original group too. Maybe I can even get there early, chat up some folks a bit, see whatís happening with this group. Got some potential here.

Workouts the last couple of days have been good, but minimal. Not getting to the gym early enough, so Iíve been done just the cardio Ė skipping the weights in order to get to work at a reasonable hour. Just gotta get my arse moving in the morning. Pack lunch at night, get the gym bag ready to roll, and especially stop reading the freakin paper while Iím eating breakfast. Little things like that. Iíd skip breakfast entirely, but Iíd be gnawing on my keyboard by 10am. Could maybe bring in cereal and milk and have breakfast at me desk Ė lots of people do.

Only two more days till bowling again. Donít know who weíre bowling, but it doesnít seem to matter lately. Recently (like in the last 10 minutes) decided to not worry about my average and just try to bowl well enough for the team to take points. Course, if the other team happens to be struggling thereís to be no letting up. Gotta keep that foot firmly planted on their throat. If we were struggling, theyíd all do the same to us, Iím sure. We like to have fun, but it IS a competition.

Gah. Iím wandering. Guess I donít have anything substantial to say. Tomorrow I will report on tonightís Al Anon meeting. Hoping that committing to go in here will spur my body and mind into action. I can be such a scaredy cat at times. Sheesh!

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight: 186 on 10/2/06 (?!? Stalled again)
Next weigh in: 10/9/06

New target Ė Aim is 180, by Halloween. Getting tougher all the time

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marnís Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 10/3/06: 779.17 (on target so far)
Miles with cool down: 857.04
Target for 2006: 1000 miles
Plus 161 miles biking so far. (160.99 for you choosy mothers)

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