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Back to the USSR
2006-11-02, 10:28 p.m.

Day 802 Back to the USSR

NaBloPoMo #2

Got some super news from son #2 – Eric – regarding his senior year studies. He’s taking a class on Ukrainian history (why I don’t know – it’s not from any ethnic heritage angle, that’s for sure). In January, during winter break, the Ukrainian history professor will be conducting a 2 week trip to the Ukraine and taking 20 or so students along. Eric has decided that it would be really cool to go and asked Cindy & I what we thought. Truthfully, we’re thrilled he has the opportunity and we both told him it was something he absolutely had to take advantage of. Then he told us what the trip would cost. Ouch. Still, it’s something he should do. We were like “dude, when are you going to get an opportunity like this again?” (Yes, I really said ‘dude’ to him. Old joke between us.)

So it’s done. He told the professor that he’s in for sure. Now he has to start the passport acquisition process and start feeding us the nitty gritty details of the trip. His girlfriend is kind of bummed that he’ll be gone for 2 weeks during break, but she agrees that the opportunity is a once in a life time deal, so she’s ok with it. Had to belabor just one point. The trip is in January. To the Ukraine. That ain’t the Caribbean. Don’t bother packing the sun screen.

The trip leaves from the Buffalo airport. That’s the major airport closest to the university, but geeze, we live all of 5 minutes form the airport here in Rottenchester. Now we’ll be dragging the whole fandamily an hour west to Buffalo (shuffle off to Buffalo?) to see Eric off on his trip. If we’re nice, we’ll even head back there 2 weeks later to pick him up. Well, one of us will at least. We now also have seventy billion ideas of what to get him for Christmas. A bigger memory card for his camera, luggage, nice “touring” clothes, comfortable walking shoes, a Ukrainian/English translation guide – all kinds of travel related stuff. Matter of fact, think I’ll start ordering some today.

Workouts lately have been odd. Tuesday was really, really bad on the elliptical. Felt like the resistance settings were off by 4 or 5 steps. Just could not get my legs moving. Ended up bagging it after only 15 minutes. Pitiful. Did go over and get a nice lower body weight workout, but the cardio was definitely hurting.

I usually take Wednesday’s off from working out, but after Tuesday’s cardio debacle I wanted to get right back up and go again. Has a much better cardio session and finished it off with a solid upper body weight workout. Thursday morning? Got an earlier start, but forgot my work ID badge, so had to forgo the weights in order to swing back by the house and get me badge. Pain right in the nads.

Later, back at the ranch . . .

Just wrapped up bowling. Our team took points tonight!! Lots of points. Personally, I didn’t bowl spectacular, but was nice & consistent, right around my average. No complaints really.

Snowed tonight. Nothing serious, barely stuck to the grass even. It’ll be gone on a few hours. Just kinda sucked, looking out the door at bowling and seeing a mini-lake effect squall happening. Guess it really IS November, huh?

Funny, I remember writing a bit ago about Cindy complaining about my Saturday morning workouts, and how it chews up precious time on the weekends – time when I could be doing the housework she can’t get to. But her time lost to the bottle during the week? Tough noogies I guess.

Of course, when I get home from an Al Anon meeting and she’s passed out on the couch, I know I just spent an hour in the right place. I can’t get to feeling too guilty about it either. She just keeps providing examples of why I need to go. Hopefully, these self help, group therapy sessions will make me a kinder, gentler, more well rounded person. One day, some of it may rub off. Even if it doesn’t, I’ll have built an arsenal of coping mechanisms and have a storehouse of friends, both 3D and here, for support.

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight: 186 on 10/28/06 (Nice rut to be in)
Next weigh in: 11/04/06

New target – Aim is 180, by Christmas. With Thanksgiving coming and all those Christmas cookies to be eaten. No sweat.
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The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marn’s Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 10/24/06: 858.81 (on target so far)
Miles with cool down: 944.62
Target for 2006: 1000 miles

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