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It’s a Conspiracy
2006-11-08, 5:21 p.m.

Day 808 It’s a Conspiracy

NaBloPoMo #8

Brief ramblings from a newly paranoid mind?

I think it’s intentional. All these cookies, leftover Halloween candy, big honkin bowl of M&M’s on the end table right next to “my” place on the couch.

Cookies are baked for the kids & her dad. Ha! Then why is half of each load left in our cookie jar, where she knows I’ll eat them? Left over Halloween candy? Only my favorite non-chocolate style candy bars (at least they’re the little mini versions of Pay Days!) Left in the cookie jar with those crack-like white chocolate/peanut butter chip cookies. Then a favorite bowl of her mothers gets beamed in from her dad’s apartment and is immediately filled with M&M’s and plunked down right next to where I sit. I moved it once, but it mysteriously re-appeared right next to me again.

The kicker? If I indulge in a couple of cookies or a handful of melt in your mouth goodness all I hear is “If you don’t lay off those things you’ll put all that weight back on!” Well, DUH! When they’re gone, stop making more!!! Cindy doesn’t eat them, so why does she make them – just to tease me?

Tonight is trash night. I have a feeling all these things will be finding themselves inside a white plastic bag, headed for the curb. Early tonight too. No waiting for dessert or L0st or any excuse to munch overly sweetened carbs again. Gonna foil this plot to expand my waist land.

_-_-_-_- Start or brief political rant _-_-_-_-

Sad to say not all of the folks I voted for yesterday got elected. With two exceptions, I voted against the incumbent. One guy, an incumbent, won his second election after it was revealed that he threatened a now ex-wife while waving a shotgun around. Somehow, the geniuses in the southern reaches of my congressional district feel that this is acceptable behavior for a Congressional Representative. Me? I think it sucks how they re-districted this part of New York such that I have to be included in a district with people of that caliber.

_-_-_-_- End or brief political rant _-_-_-_-

That’s about as involved as I ever like to get in politics, local, state or national. At least I vote, so I also have the right to bitch & whine about how those in office are screwing us yet again (or not – but how often does that happen?). Oops – end of rant. Right.

Chatted with a lovely, elderly woman of Scottish descent after the Al Anon meeting last night. I was asking her questions just so I could listen to her talk some more. She doesn’t have the real heavy brogue accent. At first, I had trouble identifying just where her accent was from, but some details slipped out that plunked her down in Scotland. Her words come out lilting & light, it’s a joy to her the words tumbling out of her mouth.

Talked about change last night, and how we handle it (or not) Interesting discussion. One of the girls there suggested change as the topic, then used it to get me to talk some. She’s a sneaky one. She’s also a very good candidate for a sponsor. One of these days.

If anybody is dropping in from the NaBloPoMo site, feel free to drop a line and say hi. I think the “Contact Me” link works. Try it, I’ll let you know.

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight: 186 on 11/4/06 (Ugly rut to be in)
Next weigh in: 11/11/06

New target – Aim is 180, by Christmas. Better get it in gear.

The Keep on Truckin goal: (miles piled up on elliptical trainers and/or running)
Miles at speed 11/8/06: 893.72
Miles with cool down: 983.23
Target for 2006: 1000 miles

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