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Gettin' Old
2006-11-13, 10:20 p.m.

Day 813 Lawdy, Iím Getting Old

NaBloPoMo #13

Youngest son (#2, Eric) will be all of 21 years old as of 10:13pm this evening (Nov. 13). Fredonia needs to be very scared. Canít be too bad though, Canada survived him turning 19 a couple of years ago, even let him come home under his own power. Canít be all bad, eh?

But you see, if Eric is 21, and I was twentymumblefrumplefritz when he was born, itís like geeze, that makes me 39 at least!! Big numbers like that scare my brain, so the old brain makes them smaller so as to be less scary. Yeah, thatís it. (Actually my Bíday is just around the bend. Iíll fess up then. Maybe.

Changed up the workout this morning. Actually did a couple of miles on the treadmill instead of doing the elliptical. Whew! Actual running is much harder than simulated x-country skiing. Forgot about that. I also hit the incline a teeny bit (0.5 % I think), supposed to simulate real live outdoor running better. I may switch back to doing more running Ė maybe 2x a week, alternating with the ellipticals. It certainly hits the muscles differently. Be good training for next years races too. Maybe Iíll finally hit that elusive 8 minutes/mile pace in a 5K.

Thought Cindy was having a good weekend. Things were a little tense, but she wasnít drinking and we were figuring out how to sorta communicate & co-exist. Lemme see, that would cover Friday evening through early Sunday afternoon. Mid afternoon, I scooted to a sporting goods store to pick up a Christmas present for Zach that was on sale. Excellent deal. Mossberg 500, 12 Ga, smooth bore AND rifled barrels, plus a scope, $100 off. But donít tell Zach, ok?

Anyhow Ė my heading to the store was apparently the chink in the armor she was waiting for. When I got back (in about an hour and a half Ė lots of paper work to fill out Ė even for a long gun!), Cindy was unusually talkative. As the afternoon dragged on into the evening, she developed her little Ďtellí of constantly sniffing, like she has a wee bit of a runny nose but doesnít have a Kleenex handy. In the course of prepping dinner I had to run some things out to the recycling bucket, where I noticed an empty bottle of hard lemonade. Odd. That was Jillís, and I know she hadnít touched that stuff in weeks. Checked our little mini-fridge in the garage. My lone bottle of Saranac Lager Ė gone. Jillís hard lemonade Ė down one. Also in the fridge Ė one 22 oz plastic mug, partially filled with something that smelled like neither beer or lemonade. So sheís back to sneaking drinks while outside smoking. Again.

She didnít have a lot. Wasnít all sloppy drunk and snoring on the couch. She was just kind of Ďgabbyí. If it never got any worse than that, I could easily tolerate it. Unfortunately, Iím afraid she wonít be limiting it to two little beers.

Now itís Monday Ė end of the workday. Iím just chillin here typing this up before I head home. Donít know if she re-stocked her whiskey. Didnít look last night. But Iíll be able to tell seconds after I walk in the door tonight.

Oh Ė I did tape that ďInterventionĒshow on A&E last night. Didnít get to see it all, as I was busy tending to other things, but I did see parts of it Ė especially the last 15 minutes where the intervention happens and the (one sided) negotiating of the treatment options happens. Iíll watch it again tonight (skipping commercials, yay!) and pay better attention.

Also made a decision regarding limits of discussion with my/our doctor Wednesday. I will freely tell Dr. B that Iím going to Al Anon, how long Iíve been going and why. From there, I think the conversation will take on a life of itís own. Iíll simply follow where ever Dr. B leads. In the end, I will be providing Dr. B with the information she needs to treat her patient properly. I will trust Dr. B to be as circumspect as she can be when discussing any of this with Cindy in the future. If Cindy makes the connection, oh well. Thereís plenty worse things I could do.

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight: 188 on 11/4/06 (Out of the rut, but in the wrong direction)
Next weigh in: 1/18/06

New target Ė Aim is 180, by Christmas. Better get it in gear.

The Keep on Truckin goal: (miles piled up on elliptical trainers and/or running)
Miles at speed 11/8/06: 906.42
Miles with cool down: 997.26
Target for 2006: 1000 miles

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