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Date Night
2006-11-17, 1:58 p.m.

Day 817 Date Night

NaBloPoMo #15

So much for adding to that post yesterday, eh? At least my impromptu afternoon off was enjoyable. Did do my little shopping trip, but could not get any of those $10 jeans. Figured it would work out that way. Only ones they had left were for either 29 inch waist or 40+ inch waists. Anything in that sweet spot (mostly 32 38 inch) were cleaned out long ago. Guess thats how these clearance things work.

Managed to find an inexpensive pair of shorts to add to my work out collection. I cant believe how hard it is to find actual shorts these days. Most of what I saw were these droopy-drawers, long legged things (think basketball style shorts) that were expensive and looked like theyd be terrible to actually work out in.

Also replaced my tired, worn out cross-training shoes. Of course, stuck with my New B@l@nce, size 11EE. Horrible what happens to your feet as you age. Used to fit nicely into 10Ds when I was in my 30s, but lately Ive had to supersize the old shoes just to keep my dogs comfy.

Managed to do some xmas shopping while at D1cks too. Jill had mentioned wanting a body ball for doing some workouts. As I was heading for the checkout register, I passed a display of them, on sale of course. Only problem I had was trying to remember how tall Jill was. Kinda important when figuring out what size ball to get. Hoping that Jill is somewhere between 50 and 56, I opted for the 55cm ball. Helped a little that it was pink, which is her favorite color too. Sized her up last night when I got home from bowling (cool story there). Think Im safe in the height department. Im guessing shes 55, give or take an inch. Now I just have to tell Cindy that I got the ball for Jill so she can account for that in her own shopping.

Bowling story. Short & sweet. First game bowled right around my average. Was actually a little disappointed missed an easy spare that cost 11 pins, made a poor shot in the last frame that may have cost another 10 pins. Had some potential there. Second game was a huge disappointment. Splits all over the place. One huge highlight though. 2nd frame, spared the 7-10 split. 7 pin is back row, far left, 10 pin is back row, far right. No way possible to slide one pin over to hit the other. The only way to legitimately spare it is to forcibly bounce one of the pins out of the pit and have it take out the other pin. You may well imagine that its pretty hard to do, and completely based on luck. Youd be 100% correct. All I did was heave my ball darn near hard as I could at the pin in the left corner (7 pin, easier shot for righties). Ball followed the pin into the pit, pinched it in the corner. The 7 pin came smoking out of the pit at just the right angle and tomahawk chopped the 10 pin right in the head. Unbelievable. Its a good thing the 10 pin got in the way or that 7 pin would have ended up half way back up the lane. Any how, after that high, the whole rest of the 2nd game pretty much went in the tank. Recovered nicely in the 3rd game, actually threw a no-tap 300 (all 9s or strikes, including all 3 shots in the 10th frame) and ended up hitting my average for the night. Team didnt fare so well, only taking 2 of 8 points. At least we got some points out of it. Now we rest up for a couple of weeks. No bowling next week due to the holiday. Might be a good time for a break.

Tonight (Friday) is Date Night. Gotta try something, eh? Last week, we went to alma maters boys soccer match in the state tournament. Drove all the way to Buffalo. So poorly planned, we didnt even get dinner. Tonight, the plan is a wee bit better. Have tickets reserved for the local hockey teams game tonight (Rochester Americans, 12-1-1 so far, best team in the AHL) and well be hitting up Rochesters version of
The Dinosaur which is right around the corner (and across the river) from the hockey barn. If we got to the Dinosaur soon enough, well actually be able to have a leisurely meal and make it to the game with time to spare.

Best part? Cindy actually likes to go to hockey games. Tonight is the start of an effort on my part to try and get us some quality time together, alone, hopefully not 3 sheets to the wind, where maybe we can communicate a little bit and re-connect. This aint gonna happen in one night, so Im thinking a regular, weekly, date night will be in the making. The challenge will be to find different things to do. Maybe instead of weekly a twice monthly thing would work. Something. Youd think that with our kids into their 20s wed have an easier time getting out on dates. Its not like we need to get a baby sitter, ya know?

Brief workout this morning. Cardio only. Was due for a leg weight session, but my quads are still stinging a bit from running earlier in the week. Decided to give them a break today and stick to only cardio. Leg presses and extensions might do more harm than good at this point. Well see how tomorrow goes. Aerobics ought to provide a nice stretch prior to the weight work. Might be able to push the legs a bit then. Back to running again Monday. If it hurt the legs this week, Im obviously in need of more work there. Just gotta do it till it stops hurting. Does that make any sense?

Didnt think so.

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight: 188 on 11/4/06 (Out of the rut, but in the wrong direction)
Next weigh in: 1/18/06 (if I dare)

New target Aim is 180, by Christmas. Better get it in gear.

The Keep on Truckin goal: (miles piled up on elliptical trainers and/or running)
Miles at speed 11/16/06: 922.57
Miles with cool down: 1014.91
Target for 2006: 1000 miles at speed (cool down miles dont really count)

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