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Resolution Revolution Revisited
2007-01-02, 12:44 p.m.

Day 863 Resolution Revolution Revisited

So. Dug into the way back machine. Found something resembling a list of resolutions for 2006. All I did was add the “How it went” comments to the original list. Went about as hit or miss as I expected.

Here goes:

I am: Too reactive. Need to be: more proactive. So I will: Get off my butt, anticipate needs and changes. Run to lead, not to catch up.

How it went: Yeah. Still react. Needs more work. Move to 2K7 list.

I am: Too often late to work Need to be: On time more (duh!). So I will: Change my morning routine. Rather than get up, go to the gym, come home, do breakfast, shower/shave/etc, I will streamline the routine, eliminate the trip home and figure out where to fit in breakfast.

How it went: Better. Still not perfect, but improved. Considering a 5:45(am!!) spinning class. This will help immensely. Continued into 2K7.

I am: Too critical of many things my wife does. Need to be: More accepting and less critical of things that don’t really matter. So I will: Offer more heartfelt compliments for the good things and learn to bite my tongue and not do the rolly eye trick that signals discontent for things that don’t really matter (no matter how illogical something may seem at the time).

How it went: Better in the being less critical part. Al Anon has helped here. Unfortunately, coughing up heartfelt compliments must require the use of a secret decoder ring I just don’t have (yet?). Definitely needs more work.

I am: Too “me” centric when in conversations with other people. Need to: Be more focused on the other persons needs, feelings. So I will: Ask questions of them, rather than offer comparisons to myself.

How it went: Lordy, I tried. I would go into conversations thinking about this. May have caused the central processing unit to freeze up at times. Needs more practice.

I am: Too dependant on CRTs for entertainment. Need to: Wean myself off the internet and TV. So I will: Read more, actually have conversations with the wife (see 4 & 5), try to be more efficient with my actual computer needs (logging workout & diet data mostly), heaven forbid – do more home improvement type projects. Pick specific TV shows to watch and not just channel surf.

How it went: Not so hot. Still a worth while endeavor, so it will be included in the 2K7 version.

I am: Living in a pig sty of an office at work. Need to: Clean it up (again with the ‘duh!’) So I will: Get old parts/assemblies to resource recovery, sort through trade journals & recycle crap I’ll never read. That will cover 90% of the mess.

How it went: I did all that. Unfortunately, bad assemblies keep coming in, trade journals still arrive, reference drawings pile up and the apathy just won’t go away. Still, I hate a messy office (in spite of what I work in) so it will also get advanced to 2K7 (again)

I am: Too aggressive when driving. Need to: Not be in such a hurry to get someplace. So I will: Do nothing. Slow, stupid and inconsiderate drivers will just have to get the hell out of my way.

How it went: Well, I still detest following other vehicles. I am getting better about not getting so frustrated by idiot drivers. However, if you can’t go at least the speed limit, move it the hell over. The fast lane is not for the timid. I don’t care if you’re getting ready for that pain in the ass left lane exit 2 miles ahead. GO FAST NOW!!

I am: Spending too much time reading journals/net surfing at work. Need to: cut it the heck out. So I will: Only open a browser when needed for work stuff and limit any journal reading/updating to lunch time.

How it went: Gawd, that was funny.

I am: Still 20lbs heavier than I’d like to be. Need to: Actually weigh 180 – 185lbs. So I will: Continue my 2005 diet & exercise plan. It’s worked so far. Just need to reset the diet goals to lose about 1lb/week, not 2lbs.

How it went: Ya know – I actually got down to 184.75 at one point.. Made the goal. Then I went on “maintenance”. Then the holidays rolled around. Damn cookies. Maintenance is over. We are actively dieting again, once more aiming for that elusive 180 lb. target. Considering eliminating the phrase “maintaining ones weight” from my personal lexicon.

I am: Curious about my actual BMI and overall fitness level. Need to: Schedule an assessment with the Y’s trainer. So I will: Do it. It’s been almost a year. I have the original data. This could be way cool.

How it went: Scheduled the appointment. Showed up 20 minutes late (thought I was 10 minutes early!) Dude gave up on me & left. Never re-scheduled. Now I think they may have changed their evaluation system. Fortunately BMI is still BMI. Plus, I’d like to think that part of my recent weight gain is added muscle from all this Nautilus work. Inquiring minds want to know, ya know?

I am: Likely to forget most of this stuff. Need to: Actually remember these things and try to work on them. So I will: Actually post copies of this at work where I can read it (but still keep it private), possibly share it with Cindy (maybe she’ll do the same)

How it went: I posted the list. Didn’t work too well. See the reference about the messy office.

So. All that’s left to do is filter this crap down, add any new ideas and shamelessly post it again for 2007. Might even add goals for running, elliptical and bike riding, seeing as I STILL need to carve a few pounds from this aging, sagging frame of mine. Probably ought to add a line item about learning enough HTML to add fancy tables & stuff for keeping track of all my mileage goals. More stuff to not accomplish. Just what I need.

Eric leaves for Ukraine tomorrow morning. One of his classmates is spending the night with us and heading to the airport with us tomorrow. We’ll be babysitting his car while they’re gone. He lives 90+ miles form us and 150+ miles from the Buffalo airport. Long term airport parking just doesn’t fit into a college students budget – and apparently his parents (lawyers) can’t shake free for a day to haul him to the airport. It is a 6+ hour round trip including teary good-byes at the airport. Tough call, but I think I’d go. As it is, I’m taking a vacation day and doing 2 hours of driving + airport time for the event. Plus I’ll get to sneak in a really long workout tomorrow afternoon. Yum.

One of the benefits to having Eric’s friend over tonight? We get to have jambalaya for dinner. He requested it. I’m cooking – house rule. Cindy never chops the vegetables right. I normally can’t stand peppers & onions in a dish, but in jambalaya, if they’re cut right (my way) they blend right in and you don’t even know you’re eating them – which is how I prefer it. Cindy tries to chop them using a paring knife (bad idea) and as a result takes way too long and ends up with pieces that are too large. They don’t sufficiently disappear into the dish. I prefer to use a nice chef’s knife or even better a Santoku style knife. 8” or so (yes, size matters - in knives). You can just work so much faster and actually cut the pieces smaller with the proper knife. Anyhow – jambalaya tonight. Looks like the diet might get challenged for a day before it kicks into full gear.

Had another entry started at home. Lack of quality private time sorta hampered publication. I’ll finish it up soon. It includes a bit about the xmas/nye interval, and an interesting approach to drive through windows. Not practiced by me – my own impatience notwithstanding.

Hope everybody made it through the holidays in one piece. Lets go have us a good year this time through, ok?

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