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Updates from the Corporate World
2007-01-10, 1:52 p.m.

Day 871 Updates from the Corporate World

I’ve mentioned here before that the division for the large corporation I work for was up for sale. Well, at this mornings quarterly “Global Village Update” we finally learned that it’s a
done deal. So now we are not only neighbors to Canada, we kinda ARE Canadian after this deal, eh?

There are 85 million details that still have to be communicated to us, but the early info doesn’t sound too bad. The outfit buying us is an aggressive, growth oriented company, which is good news to those of us in R & D and product development. There are some potentially nasty wrinkles with the retirement plan, but there’s nothing for me to do about it except to learn as much as I can and get the best plan for my situation.

In other news, it appears a freak snowstorm is attempting to actually cover the ground around here in a blanket of white! Go figure – upstate NY, snow covered, in JANUARY!! So, so odd. This morning I took a picture with the ol’ cell phone that shows the real, live temperature, my compass heading and some snowflakes drifting down through the lights of our parking lot. Wish I had my real camera, but
this kinda shows the freak winter storm that pounded our area this morning. Since I pointed you there, feel free to browse around. I don’t think there’s anything incriminating there. Probably ought to update things in there a bit too, or at least upload some new stuff.

Since this issue seems to be turning into a link-o-rama, this is the link to Eric’s Ukrainian Trip updates. As far as I know, updates are emailed by Professor Staples to his wife, who then updates the web site. Updates occur late afternoon (EST) and have been working out really great so far. Yesterday was the Chernobyl visit. Can’t wait to see the photo’s Eric gets. For Christmas, we got him a 2Gb memory card for his camera, above & beyond the 512Mb or so he had before. If he keeps the resolution relatively modest (3Mb or so) he ought to be able to store 1600+ pics on the 2Gb chip. Hope that’s enough. Toughest problem might be making sure the camera stays charged. Have heard he had a little trouble with his power converter the first day. I really hope he got it figured out.

Since Cindy was chaperoning a basketball game at school last night, I had a (relatively) guilt free trip out to this weeks Al Anon meeting. I know I shouldn’t feel guilty about going, but it is SO much easier to just step out the door when I don’t have to declare where I’m going, then suffer the cold shoulder treatment afterward because I dared to suggest there was a problem (by even going). Met several new people last night, one new to the group, two just new to me. Still, I seem (hah! Seem, my ass!!) I am the only guy in attendance. It’s a little weird. Don’t know if I might be causing some of the women to hold back some, or if they’re causing me to be a little restrained. Either way, I suppose we all just have to learn to get along. It goes pretty well for the most part, just sometimes there are some of those little ‘uncomfortable silences’ where everybody seems to be waiting for the other guy (gal) to say something. Probably happens at every meeting, maybe even more so at smaller ones like ours. Last night we numbered 12, which is the most I’ve seen there in quite a while. Usually we’re in the 6 – 8 range. I like the larger groups, so hopefully the new (to me) folks will stick with it. And yes, I should have made it a resolution to open up a little more at these meetings. Consider it so resolved.

In REAL news, I actually dragged my aging carcass out of bed early enough to get to that freakin 5:30am (that’s AM) spinning class. Well, close enough anyhow. Only trotted in 5 minutes late. Got everything adjusted & set up just in time to join in on a hill climb. Instructor even heard me cheerily mutter something about ‘perfect timing’ (figures one of the last cycles available was right in front of the instructor, no?) and shared it with the group. Hope I didn’t act too much like a doofus. Great class though. Wanna know how much you can sweat at 5:30am? Lots. I literally had a puddle under my cycle when we were done – and I mopped up a lot of sweat with my towel before it had a chance to drip off. Must be I was sweating out all the water I was retaining after having Chinese for dinner Monday night. Yeah, skipped the shrimp/pear/tarragon salad thing. Too much uncertainty over who was or wasn’t going to be home in time for dinner. Opted for the easy Chinese dinner instead.

Delicious food, but the MSG or salt or what ever it is makes me retain water like a fool. I’ve had to give up Chinese on Wednesdays because it makes my fingers fit too tightly into my bowling ball on Thursday nights. Try tossing a 15lb ball about 20 – 22 mph and have your fingers decide to stay with the ball once or twice! Ouch babe. So, yeah, I think I sweated out the MSG this morning, finally.

Best part was that my motivation for getting to this mornings spin class (no, I don’t wear those spandex biking shorts) was to be able to get in a solid workout and still make it to this mornings corporate “village meeting” for the announcement. Glad it worked. Now I need a trick to work for Friday’s spin class. Wonder what they can sell off next?

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