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Plenty o' Nuthiní
2007-01-12, 4:20 p.m.

Day 874 Plenty o' Nuthiní

Oh I got plenty of nuthin, and nuthinís plenty for me. Anybody know that Cole Porter tune from Porgy & Bess? Only reason I know it is from having to sing it way back in high school choir. Yes, I was in high school AFTER Cole Porter wrote all that neat stuff. We did a little medley thing from Porgy & Bess that included that tune. Just another example of my geekitude I suppose. Maybe I shouldnít mention the part about how in my senior year, I was involved in 4 or 5 separate bands Ė Marching, Concert, Jazz, and two special bands Ė one for playing Rhapsody in Blue (the WHOLE friggin thing), and a pit orchestra for the annual school musical (Almost Anything Goes), all at the same time. Being a trombone player, this was especially rugged on the lips. Itís amazing how dead your lips can feel after 4 or 5 hours of playing in a given day. Of course, the rumor we were trying to spread around at the time was that trombone players were better kissers, due to all that working out our lips got. Have no idea if it was true, but it was fun testing it out.

Bowling last night. Big fun. One brother still down with a bad elbow. Other brother stuck at work, reconciling all his end of year finances and being audited (sucks being an accountant sometimes). Not wanting to bowl alone, I called Zach to see if he was interested at all. Took a bit to assure him that just because he didnít average in the 200ís heíd still be fine. In the end, he did quite all right. Needs some work on picking his spares, but really throws a nice ball. Great potential. I ended up hitting my average for the night, but decided to take the hard way to get there. Had a whopping huge 153 the first game. 4 straight opens, 3 of them splits. Tough to bowl well when you canít even get a spare. Second game was closer to average, third game was nice Ė 237. Looked like I knew what I was doing. Team even took 2 points (out of 8 Ė so that kinda sucked) and might have kept from slipping into last place in the league. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Last year we finished 2nd after spending most of the season bouncing around in the top 3 spots. This year? Canít find our asses with one hand tied behind our backs. Glad itís not a big prize money league.

Guess who was guess what when we got home? If you guessed Cindy & plowed Ė you win a prize. Stop by and pick it up anytime. Today weíre giving away an artsy collage made out of this weeks empty whiskey bottles. Looks like a bomb thatís in the early stages of exploding. Mercifully, she was drunk enough that she was upstairs & in bed by 8:30. Got to watch the last half of the Sabers game in relative peace. Too bad they lost.

Got some low quality phone camera pictures of my office. Iíll be doing some creative editing to them, pointing out some of the highlights and low lights. Eventually, Iíll get them posted so everyone can see what a neat, orderly office I maintain. (Thatís a joke people. Youíll see.)

Tonight weíre going to try dinner and a movie night. Maybe even with out the kids. I suggested the movie date earlier and actually got a response. It was only ďWhat movie?Ē, so I sent a list of possibles. Personally, Iíd like to see Eragon, Casino Royale, The Departed, The Good Shepard and Iíd even consider A Night at the Museum and The Pursuit of Happyness. (Word thinks thatís spelled wrong. Well, it is, but . . .) Seeing a movie gets to be such a compromise that usually neither of us gets to watch what we want. We both try to settle to appease the other and we both end up less than satisfied. Sounds like bad sex Ė which does beat no sex, by the way. I think. Sometimes I forget. If I ever find out again, Iíll let you know.

Hmm, itís taken all day to do this in fits & starts. The fractured nature of this thing is starting to lead into some dangerous territory, so Iíll leave it for now and go think monk-like thoughts. And maybe have dreams of another nice, dark, beer . . .

Have a great weekend folks

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