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Sunday Night Live
2007-01-14, 10:21 p.m.

Day 875 Live on the Weekend

My MP3 player is having a nervous breakdown. I got an inexpensive Sandisk 512MB MP3 player a while back to use at the gym. Ripped songs off of CDís I already had, downloaded a few from the innernets, even grabbed a few that the kids had.

Well, what with all the different sources of music, I inadvertently ended up storing music files in 2 different directories in the MP3 player. Still, it seemed to be playing everything just fine. But, organizationally challenged as I am, I wanted to try and put all the music files in a single directory. So I connected the MP3 thingy to the pc, like always, opened up a ĎMy Computerí window and started flinging files around in the MP3 players directories.

Bad move. Every file I moved? Wonít play. The player seems to know itís there, displays info for all the files, but if I try to explicitly play any of the files I moved, it refuses. Apparently thereís a big gap in the listings somewhere, because it (the player) seems to keep defaulting to the same old James Gang tune. Now, I like the tune (Funk No. 49), but when it keeps coming up like every fifth song? Thatís a little much.

This was about a month ago. Today, Iím finally going to take a little time and try to fix it, because really, Iím getting tires of hearing the same 30 or 40 songs over and over, especially when I know there are 50 or 60 more I could be hearing instead. Iím re-downloading the music management program onto Zachís old laptop (which is 2 years newer than the dinosaur we use as our main pc at home), then itís a matter of moving all my music files over to it so I can re-synch and keep stuff organized (hah! Thatís almost funny). So if you never hear from me again? Youíll know what I was doing when I disappeared. Really, it shouldnít be that bad. Maybe time consuming, but not terribly difficult.

Cindyís off to the gym (surprise, surprise!), so Iím actually taking some advantage and getting this entry done while that music crap is happening. Maybe sheíll burn off about half of the calories she consumed in booze yesterday. Oops. Guess whoís back already? Time to sign off for now and wrap this up later I guess.

So itís later now. Later like the end of Sunday. Weather is starting to get nasty. Freezing rain mixed with snow all day, 100% chance of more of the same Monday, with some actual accumulations. Oh joy.

Most of the weekend went like normal. I leave the house to run an errand, come home to a drunk. Tune it out, wait for the next day. Lather, rinse, repeat. Except today, like most Sundays, we had Bob over for dinner. Smoked a chicken and tried making some smoked, stuffed Jalapenos. Oh boy, were those good. Did a dozen in all, stuffed half with a shrimp/cream cheese mix with a little Old Bay seasoning, did the other half with some Italian sausage, caramelized onions, mozzarella cheese and some cream cheese to bind it all together. Cooked them in the smoker for about an hour just as the chicken was finishing. Weíll be getting more Jalapenos next time we smoke anything. Those little poppers were pretty good. Only a little hot (heck, they were only jalapenos, not habs), but they absorbed the smoke nicely. The chicken was, well, it was smoked. Always delish. Saturday we did up a pork butt in the smoker and had us some pulled pork sammiches and Dinosaur style BBQ beans. That was the high point of the weekend Ė good food. (Weird paragraph. Start whining about drunks then get to drooling over food. At least it ended on a good note) Bob was in good form today Ė had his wits about him and wasnít making stuff up trying to fake his way along.

Took Sunday as a rest day physically Ė no real working out at all. Ought to be able to really go at Monday mornings spinning class. Went to Saturdayís class with no hand towel. Not a good thing. The sweat pours off sooooo bad, drenched my t-shirt (sleeves too), swamped the paper towels I grabbed, and still left a puddle on the floor. Already have tomorrow mornings towel packed. Tomorrow is looking like a spinning workout, followed by some upper body weights. Could do legs, but think itís best to do them on non spinning days. Rumor has it that the Monday/Wednesday spin class instructor is a speed demon, versus the hill climbing/digging fiend the Friday guy was.

5am comes way too early. I gotta go pack a lunch and get ready for the day.

See yíall later.

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