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Missed De-Lurking week, Didnít I?
2007-01-23, 5:01 p.m.

Day 884 Missed De-Lurking week, Didnít I?

In deference to OKC, I wonít mention what we had for dinner last night. But the left over Minestrone soup I had for lunch today was really good. Tomorrows leftovers will probably involve salmon, steamed green beans (both with a bit of dill) and some boring old rice pilaf.

Lovely work out this morning. Started at the much saner 6:30 rather than 5:30. Yup. No spinning today. Just ground out 30 minutes on the treadmill. Did a leg session on the weights too. Owie.

Last nights dinner? I cooked. Cindy was off to the gym. Tonights dinner? I cook. Cindy should be at the gym again. As long as we agree on whatís for dinner ahead of time, I donít mind this arrangement at all. Zach likes to cook too, so I just hand off some stuff to him and let him go. He does quite all right.

Jill is interested in taking some cardio boot camp sorts of classes. I mentioned Tues. & Thurs mornings at the Y Ė they have a cardio boot camp on Tues. and a killer ab workout on Thursdays. Schedule says 5:45 to 6:30. Getting her up & out the door by 5:15 Ė 5:25 could be a challenge. She seemed interested & motivated, so weíll see.

Now. The title. Yes, I missed de-lurking week. But in going over visitor stats, I realize that there are some folks reading that I donít have regular email or comments or notes exchanges with. That, or I donít really know where youíre accessing the net from. Anyhow. If youíre from any of these places (or near them). , drop a comment or something and say hi. The list of persistent places:

Socorro, NM
Ames, Ia
Henderson, Ky
Livingston, NJ
Carson, Ca
And maybe Austin Tx, but I wonít mention more on that one, like who the isp owner is. (Cuz I think that eliminates one or two potential folks I kinda sorta DO swap notes with)

All I can know is who the isp owner is (verizon, roadrunner, frontier, etc) and where they are located, no specific individual info. That wouldnít be cool at all. All AOL users are mysteriously routed through Reston Va. Seemingly no matter where they are connecting from. Sux muchly.

If youíre not comfy outing yourself, I can live with that. But it would be neat to meet in email land someday.

We live in a democracy, lets have a vote. Should I (A) - sit Cindy down and specifically tell her Iím off to an Al Anon meeting, (B) tell the kids, but leave Cindy hanging, (C) just casually mention it to Cindy in a private moment (not THAT private moment. After 25 years of marriage, do you think those still happen? HA!), (D) not tell anybody, just evaporate at 7:30. or (E) something one of you wise (or wiseass) readers have in mind.

What ever choice wins, Iíll do next week (unless itís (D) which could be fatal, so donít pick it, ok?)

Ow. My left elbow/forearm hurts. Itís a positional thing, and sort of depends on loading too. Iím thinking tendonitis or something. Exercise wise, it hurts the most on the ab cruncher machine. You have to reach back and grab handles behind your head, then pull the load forward with your abs. Somehow, getting near the bottom of the crunch, my left elbow/forearm gets to screaming. It was so bad this morning I had to let go with my left hand and just sorta push with my elbow. Bicep curls and triceps extensions donít seem to bother it near as much. Good thing itís my left elbow or itíd impact bowling. I may switch to a different ab machine for a week or two and see if it offers any relief. Hate the thought of easing off on the curls & extensions. But if itís necessary, guess it will have to be done.

Off to do dinner. Got to stop at the Post Office on the way home too. Little errand to run there.

Donít forget to be a good citizen and vote, and for heavens sake, out yourself in the comments or via the email link if youíd like some privacy. Iíd like to meet ya.

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