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2007-01-26, 4:24 p.m.

Day 887

As much as Wednesday evening did not turn out like I expected, Thursday evening did. Same old patterns, same old results.

Did get some good news during the day though. Zach had been back at school last semester to take a few classes to finish up his degree. Did great in one class, so-so in another and by mid December hadnít gotten a grade in the third. Finally, a week before Christmas, the grade comes in on this third class, some world history class he needed to fill a liberal arts elective. F. F as in degree work not finis. Zach was appropriately disappointed, as were his adoring parents. He knew he wasnít putting forth much effort in the class, but had done all the work and passed all the tests to date. He was a little confused as to how he could have failed.

He contacted his advisor. Was advised to sign up for a comparable class here at the local community college (MCC), get a C or better and apply for the grade transfer. Degree done in May. Zach dutifully signed up. 20th Century Russian History. What a cool class. Russia certainly had a lot of things going on last century. Thought maybe I could sneak some time in his books and take the class vicariously through Zach. Plus, being a community college, tuition wasnít too terrible. Something along the lines of $360 for the 3 credit class. He needed 3 books at $9 a pop!! Who ever heard of text books going that low?

Then Zach got an email yesterday from his advisor. The professor from his world history class apparently found a paper. A paper he thought Zach had not turned in. A paper that had been sitting on his desk since the original due date. Zach must not have done a stellar job on the paper, but his class grade was changed from an F (for Fíd up) to a D (for Done). And, better yet, his diploma is in process right now. So. Mr. Z is now the proud possessor of a BS from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Environmental Resources and Forest Engineering. (Try fitting THAT on a one page resume!) As a side benefit, he doesnít have to drop nearly $400 on a really cool Russian history class. Heís actually kinda bummed about not having to take the class, but glad to have the cash in his pocket.

Spent lunch on the phone chatting with OKC & Circe too. Together, those two are dangerous. That was another near hour that passed in the wink of an eye. I need to see my way clear to a visit down that way. A few days spent with those two would be a total riot. Circe Ė if you can reserve me a spot on the couch with a blanket, 7 or 8 cats, a dog, a ferret and maybe that laptop, Iíll figure out a way to visit. You work up a list of chores and Iíll earn my keep, cook dinner and be a charming conversationalist. Have to have OKC over for a cookout too.

My journal, my fantasy.

That was the good part of the day.

Iím not talking about the bad part, except to say that bowling sucked and Cindy is NOT a charming conversationalist when she is just a wee bit beyond schnockered. Or shitfaced if you prefer. Either way, it was one of those nights where I felt like I was the only adult in the house. I know, I know, Zach & Jill are each 22 and are adults in their own right, but seeing as Zach is still my kid, and Jill is almost like my kid, well, I was the only adult last night.

My journal, my version of the truth. Deal.

This morning, after trudging through our 6 flippin degree tundra to get to the gym, my legs were just absolutely dead on the bike. I could do the power stuff, standing climbs, etc. but no speed at all. Zipless. Due to my incredibly bad timing, I also got a bike right in front of the instructor. Sorry Mr. Instructor dude (Gary), I know you were really urging all of us to GO!, GO!, GO!, but my legs already WENT!, WENT!, WENT! I think he understood, because there was no shortage of sweat pouring off me, I was just flat. Now itís the end of the work day, and Iím amazed that my legs havenít cramped up yet. Must be all the decaf coffee Iíve chugged today. Or the fact that all I had to do today was sit here and read these mind numbing documents. I want to stick a nice mechanical right into my eye about now.

Gotta stop at the store on the way home.

Need milk, Cannellini beans and Sundried Tomato & Rosemary bread. Making what we call white beans and rice for dinner. The white beans mixture is Italian sausage, chicken stock, roaster peppers, gahlic, a little oregano. Itís about a stew consistency, or maybe like a chunky gumbo. Cindy wants to try some chili with pineapple in it this weekend. Pineapple & Canadian bacon on pizza, sure. But pineapple in chili? Doesnít sound right. Iíll have to let you know how it goes. If I live through it.

OKC & Circe Ė weíll continue SQPQ? As time permits this weekend? Itís been interesting so far. Really looking forward to OKCís first round responses.

Iím outta here. Shopping to be done. Hope the temp hit double digits.

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