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My Butt, It is Kicked
2007-02-09, 3:57 p.m.

Day 901

Nothing much to say today. Quiet on the home front, Cindy’s been very terse with me since Tuesday evenings meeting. I try to counter her semi-surliness with a level headed demeanor. Sometimes I slip and get just a little caustic, but she seems to soften up a bit after I get a little short myself. Maybe she’s noticing the difference? Who knows? I am aware that she’s still drinking, even though she is very careful to not let me see her with a drink in hand. If she ever figures out what all her little tells are and how to quiet them, I might start to fret, but for now, I don’t need to see her drink to know that she’s blotto. She thinks she’s fooling people. Jokes on her.

I mentioned my younger brother was on “haul the kids to the doctor” duty yesterday, leaving Zach an opportunity to sub for him on our team. How nice to be able to bring in a sub and still have the team members all have the same last name. We’re the only team that can do that. Extended family wise, we have 5 in the league, counting my cousin who has been in the league longer than my brothers & I.

Anyhow. Zach, subbing for us. Hasn’t bowled seriously in a couple of years. Bowled for us a month ago, averaged 151. Not bad for his first time in a couple of years. Last night? Different guy bowling. He averaged 206 for the night, mostly due to a 3rd game of 256. Had 9 out of 12 possible strikes, no open frames. Thoroughly kicked our butts. It was good though, because as a team we actually took a few points last night. We’re still buried in last place, but at least we’re doing more than just laying there whimpering. We may actually be mewling a bit too. How manly.

The warmer it gets, the more snow we’ve been getting. That poor county to the east of us, Oswego county? Almost famous now I guess. 100” of snow in the last 5 days in some places. Here’s an article that covers their plight. Glad I’m not there.

Got one kid & his girlfriend coming in from school tonight, stopping in for dinner, then heading out to watch his schools (Fredonia) hockey team go at it against a local team (Geneseo). Couple of state schools that are pretty fierce hockey rivals. They’ll do breakfast with us in the morning, then head out to have lunch with her parents before heading back to school. She got an on campus job and has to be back. My son? No job. Wasn’t aggressive enough in chasing these things down. Now he has to beg for money from home. He ought to be ok. He socked away a bunch from his summer job and his school loans finally arrived, so he won’t be starving or anything.

Not much else going on. Going to see a concert tomorrow night featuring The Mambo Kings. Our nieces bari sax instructor is one of the band members. We even have an autographed CD of theirs. Ought to listen to it some before the concert, ya think? It’s kind of a salsa/jazz fusion thing. Not exactly my cup of tea, but it beats the hell out of disco. Considering all the different bands I was in back in my own music days, I hope to be able to appreciate the music a bit at least.
Gotta scoot early tonight. Still need to pick some odds & ends for dinner (snow peas, capers & white wine – to make Chicken Paillard) and we need to have dinner on the table by 5:30 for out travelers. Think I’ll be hiring some help tonight, if it’s available. Hate having to rush. Especially this dish. Simple, but a lot of steps. Prep the veggies, cook the veggies, prep the chicken. Put the veggies on hold, cook the chicken. Put the chicken on hold, do the pan sauce. In the mean time, there was a rice pilaf started too. Ohh – better get another package of chicken stock for the rice.

Then there’s work too. More projects. Fun to be busy. Time to fly.

Spin class in the morning. Taking a kid with me. Hope he doesn’t puke.


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