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Lousy Timing
2007-02-13, 11:34 a.m.

Day 905

It’s almost funny that I posted that little ditty about how & why I got interested in cooking way back when. All because of my Mom’s poor busted ankle.

Today, here in the tundra like northeast, we’re expecting snow. Big surprise, I know. But we’re expecting over a foot of the beautiful stuff, starting this afternoon and extending into tomorrow. Plus, you know, what ever “enhancements” the lake effect decides to kick in (hopefully NOT the 12 feet of snow they got just east of us last week)

Know what I’m doing this afternoon? Taking a half day of vacation, driving out to my mom’s place to pick her up, than driving back in to the city to take her to an orthopedics appointment. To check the status of her . . . broken ankle. Same ankle she broke (holy shit!) 36 years ago.

It sucks even more because here it is only 8am and it’s already starting to snow.

Dang. Just went to to check things out. Forecast is now calling for 12 – 18 for our area, with the worst of it starting around 5 tonight. Sounds like the doctor visit ought to go ok, but no dilly-dallying around. Meeting night tonight too, but that’s at least relatively close. Probably survive it all, just have to get used to not cruising around at 70mph all the time. Ought to get some gas for the snow blower too. Better get that on my “shit to get to soon” list.

Never mentioned how things went after the concert Saturday night. Went to my brothers, had some desert with the clan, chatted with everybody and generally had a nice time right up to about midnight. Went home and got into another one of “those” discussions. Zach & Jill rolled in about 2am, we were still going. Matter of fact, we sat and talked until 5:30 Sunday morning. I have little or no recollection of what the hell we talked about. Too tired to remember. So Sunday turned into a total veg out day. Vegged out so bad Sunday, I never even went to the gym Monday morning. Still too wiped out from Saturday’s near all nighter.

Last night, I went back over to Bob’s apartment again. That computer hutch he bought? That I had completely set up for him a week ago? M. T. Completely stripped, except for his stereo – laying inside disconnected, unplugged. At least the TV was still on top – but he was running power from an extension cord that was strung some 12 feet away to the next nearest outlet. He had undone the power strip I had put inside the hutch when he disconnected everything else.

Anyhow. Completely set up everything again, including the spanking new printer I got for him (that I’ll certainly get reimbursed for. Hell – I write the checks!). Re-ran an extension line for his phone so he can dial into his Juno email account. Printer set up. Laptop put back in, everything connected (power, phone line, printer) Stereo re-installed, tuned to his favorite classical station. Everything put back together. Labeled cords with special tie-wraps so he can know where everything goes. Dialed in to his email account, downloaded 95 emails. Deleted 93 spams. The two he got from someone he knew? Stupid chain letter things. In all, spent 2+ hours re-doing and improving his set up. I’d start a pool on how long it would stay this way, but I’m afraid he’s already got it stripped down again.

When I got home from taking care of Cindy’s dad (that she just can’t handle – she gets so frustrated – so she says)? She was well into her drinks - again. Saturday’s all-nighter didn’t solve a thing apparently. Not that I’m surprised mind you. At least we’re talking about things more frequently. Maybe one of these times something will stick.

Now, I feel like I just wasted a bunch of money sending flowers to her at work. Yeah, I know – it’s lame. I mean, Valentines day and all. Gotta do something, right? But it’s a lose/lose situation. If I get something for her – she’ll be all “shouldn’t have spent the money, didn’t need to do that, why did you send it to work?” If I DON’T get anything, well, I’m just dead where I stand. No appreciation for what’s done, no life if it’s not done. And Cindy keeps insisting she’s not complicated. Well, I guess that isn’t too complicated – I lose. Period. But how do I get to the part where there’s even a little reward? That’s complicated.

Workout sucked this morning. Took forever to get moving (damn snooze button), weather stinks, had no time to do weights. Now I gotta spend the rest of the day driving around in lousy weather, being all disappointed about lousy workouts, lousy flowers, lousy reward programs and now, well, it’s looking like a lousy day.

Tempted to skip my meeting tonight and hit the gym instead. But a Tuesday night aerobics class will mess with the Wednesday morning spinning. I could use a meeting about now too. Cindy is supposed to be chaperoning a basketball game tonight – a make up from last week when it was cancelled due to arctic freakin cold. I’m thinking if the game isn’t cancelled again and she does chaperone I’ll do my meeting. If the game is cancelled I should probably go to the meeting anyhow to show her I’m serious about working on my stuff. Her continual drinking is just evidence of how hard she’s working on her end. Or not.

I need a haircut. No time. Maybe Friday?

Awww – I gotta go translate a schematic. Damn signal names aren’t matching up. Later peepuls.

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