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2007-03-26, 3:56 p.m.

Day 946

So no red pee Saturday. Going to stock up and give it another run again this Saturday Ė this time using 2 quarts. Want to check & see if thereís another variety of red out there too. I tried the Fruit Punch. Could also be it was Power @de instead of G@torade? Liz also pointed out that maybe itís a genetic disposition thing like the asparagus deal was. Which I can testify still works. Smoked pork loin & grilled asparagus for dinner last night. Also threw in chipotle mashed taters and a spinach gratin. Mmmmmmm.

May have made a daring move over the weekend too. Broke down and moved the snow blower back to the shed. Before April. You know what that means. Big ass snow storm in mid-April, just to punish me for thinking winter might finally be over. And of course, the snow blower is out in the shed, completely emptied of gas, fresh oil, all ready for NEXT winter, not Aprilís freak snow storm. In my experience, the latest weíve ever had significant snow (remember the frame of reference here too), was on a Mothers day, Like May 10, 1983 or so. We had just moved into out first house the prior November and Iím pretty sure we had no kiddies yet. We ended up getting 10 inches of heavy, wet, sloppy snow. In May. What a treat. Good thing I was young & could operate a snow shovel. It was murder moving that stuff.

Snuck off to the gym Sunday with Cindy. Bit of a surprise. I had to agree to not take forever, as Cindy likes to do her 3+ mile walk and call it a workout. That takes her about 40 minutes, but she does what I see so many women do Ė walk in, work out, leave. No trip to the locker room for changing, showering, nothing. Sure, she showered at home after, but I donít get it. Youíre going to get all hot & sweaty working out, then put your coat/jacket on and just leave? Eeewww. I see a lot of women doing this too. Is there some problem with taking a shower in a locker room? Is it a problem with getting nekkid in public? Do they think the showers are skanky? Do women Ďperspireí instead of Ďsweatí, therefore it doesnít smell? (Right!) Whatís the deal?

Bottom line, it left me enough time to run a quick 5K (new fastest ever, thankyouverymuch) and still grab a SHOWER afterward. I also do this apparently odd thing where I wear regular street clothes to the gym, go to the locker room, change into workout gear, then get to it. This meant Cindy started maybe 5 minutes ahead of me. There happened to be a treadmill open very near hers though, so I snagged it. When I got there, there was another woman apparently just finishing up on the machine between Cindy & I. Didnít see her times/distance, but she had a nice film of sweat working, so she had been there a while.

Noon-ish on a Sunday is a busy time, so the buffer treadmill was soon occupied again, this time by a late teen, early 20ís young woman. What ever. She did about 10 minutes, then called it quits. After she left, another exerciser, a trim, 30 something woman, announced her presence by invading my airspace with the overpowering scent of roses. Smelled like I strapped a rose to each nostril opening and got stuck in inhale mode. Sickeningly sweet, cloying, overpowering (I said that, I know, but . . .) Ho-lee shit. I donít know what the specific perfume was, but I think she used half the bottle. She thankfully left after only a couple of minutes and went to a different hamster wheel. I thought maybe she was offended by my own odiferous, sweat soaked t-shirt, but I canít see how anything short of skunk scent could have penetrated her olfactory defense shield. Iím thinking maybe she had issues with the treadmill itself. Sometimes they get a little jerky or skippy when the bearings start to go. Maybe that was it. But there is no way she left because she smelled anything offensive. That would have been physically impossible. How could she not know it was so intense? Does her husband not tell her? Can she smell what asparagus does to your pee? So many questions for a Sunday afternoon.

Had The Bob over for dinner. Going to pick him up is always an adventure. This time, his stereo was not only moved, it was disconnected and packed into a milk crate. The space it used to occupy in the computer hutch was taken up by perfectly aligned empty 3 ring binders. Bob insists that when he finds a location for his stereo that heís happy with, heíll have no problem getting it re-connected. In spite of his current 0 for 6 streak, and the fact that the last time he tore it apart, he seriously compromised the ends of the wires. Iíll be back to reassemble it, again. For now Ė I am not going to get worked up about it. It will take me 2 minutes to do the connections. If I re-strip and re-tin the wires, it might take 10 minutes. All Iím waiting for is the phone call blaming me for breaking his stereo, again.

Bob is far from being the worst off resident of his place mentally. I had the opportunity to meet ďDeanĒ yesterday. Hoo boy. Hereís our conversation:

Dean: Can I ask you what time it is?
Me: Sure. Itís 3:20.
Dean: When? (looks at his watch)
Me: Itís 3:20, just like your watch says.
Dean: What?
Me: Itís 3:20. Your watch is correct.
Dean: Oh. OK. Thanks. How long have I been sleeping?
Me: ???
Dean: I just got up. How long have I been sleeping?
Me: Iím sorry Dean, I just donít know.
Dean: Oh. I went to bed at midnight. How long have I been awake?
Me: Uuhh, well, youíve slept 15 hours. You missed lunch.
Dean: I donít care about that, I need to go get breakfast.
Bob: Itís almost dinner time Dean, the kitchen is closed for the day. Only sandwiches for dinner.
Dean: I donít care. Iíll cook my own breakfast.
Me: !!?!?!
Dean: Ambles off (Think Tim Conway, with that funny, old man, ľ step thing he used to do)
Me: So Bob, ready for a road trip and some dinner?

Iím not so sure Dean should have anymore than an Easy Bake oven. The thought of him frying up some bacon & eggs unassisted is scary. Glad thereís sprinklers installed in that building.

Ooh. Saw the perfect thing for Circe at a store yesterday. Pink & white ribbon magnet, says ďI save babiesĒ. Iíll be swinging back by there to see if they still have any. One for Circe and one for OKC, for her next car. Provided Iím not too late.

Floated the idea of riding in that 100K Tour de Cure past Cindy over the weekend. Besides calling me nuts (Whoís surprised? Of course Iím nuts.), I think she kind of accepted it. Iíll bring it up again tonight. If I donít get an overwhelming ďNO!Ē, Iíll take it as a ďwhat ever Ė go aheadĒ and proceed accordingly.

Need to think about all the crap I might want to take and where to stow it on a bike. A nice, small, tight back pack would be good to have. Need to map out all the local big hills and ride them mercilessly from now to June. Need to consider if my 20 year old bike will be up to the task. Needy, needy, needy.

We had thunderstorms Saturday afternoon. Had more thunderstorms this morning. They were really cool to watch from upstairs at the Y. To the north is open field, and the storm was way north, out near the lake. From the second floor vantage point at the Y, you could see the clouds lighting up in the pre-dawn darkness. We even have thunderstorms happening right now, mid afternoon on a March day. Very odd for us to have thunderstorms this time of year, then to have so many Ė really strange. Unusual for storms in the northeast to have enough energy in them to include lightning. Thatís usually reserved for warmer weather, or so I thought. Global warming folks. Al Gore is right. Or, at least the people Gore gathered his data from are right. Iíve been a believer for years.

Enough of this disjointed drivel. I just picked up some boards to fire up. I mean, test. Itís dangerous to say ďfire upĒ around brand spanking new circuit boards. Sometimes, they do.

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