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No More Last Place!!
2007-03-02, 3:58 p.m.

Day 922

Seems like Iíve been a day late every day this week. Is it really Friday? Must be. Gary was doing the spinning class this morning. If Gary was doing spinning, then my legs must be near dead. He is one sick, sick puppy. Sprints UPHILL! I donít know why, but heís always in a hurry to get up those damn hills. Then, one of his favorite metaphorical little side trips: on a hot, hazy, humid day, weíre going to peddle across a field, with long grass, cows, mud & Ďbiomass depositsí. The idea being that we crank up the resistance, stand & peddle through this imaginary miasma of miserable mud & manure (howís THAT for alliteration, huh?) while sweat just pours down off our heads. It helps that he saves this one up for 40 Ė 45 minutes into the class. Always plays some Spanish flavored guitar music for it too. Makes me think of El Cid or Don Quixote or something Spanish like that. Cool music though. Might have to ask him who & what it is and go rip off, er, I mean download some from those music store places.

Of course, just to prove that Iím a sicker puppy than Gary is, I went and did a nice lower body weight work out after spinning. Thatís probably why I consumed half my daily water needs (2 quarts, right? Or is that a whole day?) by 7am. Know what else? Decaf coffee does nothing to quench your thirst and I donít have a decent water bottle here at the zoo. Probably ought to work on that one.

Bowling last night sucked Ė at least on a personal level. Think I only left 2 splits all night, a huge improvement over last week. But. But Ė missed 4 (flippin FOUR) single pin spares. The same damn pin 3 separate times (the dreaded 6 pin), two of them in succession!! Unheard of. Finally figured out I was lining up wrong for that particular pin. The next 4 times I left it? Nailed it, right in the center. What really sucked though was warm ups. Being old farts (well, me at least), we get to throw for 5 Ė 7 minutes before we actually start keeping score, just to get the old joints loose, maybe try and figure out how the lanes are oiled, practice a few of those needed spare shots, etc. In warm ups? Never missed a spare. Of course, none of them was a 6 pin. On my first ball shots? 8 of 10 were strikes. Buried. Powdered the pins. So what was the sucky part? I got more strikes in warm ups than I did the whole rest of the night. But boy, did I get a ton of 9 pin hits. 10 in the first game, 7 in the second, 8 more in the third. Soooo close. Then there were those pesky single pin misses . . .

Team wise we did great. Took 8 of 8 points for the 2nd week in a row. We are now officially out of last place. Fittingly, we were bowling the team we were in a tie with for last place. So after smoking them, we moved up into at least a tie for 21st (out of 24) based on how the next few teams up the food chain did. Two weeks to go, and we could conceivably make it up into the teens even. Weee!

Hmmmph. Not much else to say. Been battling ADHD like symptoms in regards to a design Iím supposed to be finishing. Itís so freakin hard to concentrate on it. Not like I donít have 8 million things (well, one or two are REALLY distracting) on my mind, but Iíd love to be able to just sit and plow through this design.

Why fool myself? Iíve been all over the place concentration wise for a couple of years now. I know why too, just have to fight through it. Meditation would probably help. I should get busy on that Meditation for Dummies book I got. Of course, getting the peace & quiet required to start a meditation can be a challenge too. Hmmmm. Already have the old PC set up in the basement. Add speakers, go hide down there, play the CD, take a few test drives. Hmmmmm.

I gotta go finish some work before the weekend can start.

Later folkses.

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