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The Scream
2007-03-04, 10:03 a.m.

Day 924

Remember that painting by ummm, who was it Edvard Munch, The Scream? Yeah, I’m all about that today. Something happened Friday night that completely passed me by. This is unfortunate because it has set off a wave of the cold shoulder that is unprecedented.

The only thing I can think of that may have triggered this arctic blast is a little thing about watching the Sabres game Friday night. (Tangent – what a game!!! I think on 3 occasions goals were scored less than 35 seconds apart – and not always by the same team. Final score was 8 – 5 with the Sabres winning, so it was even better!!) I was sitting in the family room, working on making an extension harness for the Bob’s stereo speakers. Now, I kinda had to watch what I was doing, but the TV makes a great radio, and whenever the announcers get excited, you can always look up to catch the replays.

So it’s like the second period of the game, I’m working away, pretty much had the TV to myself, but Zach & Jill were watching the game too. Cindy was off pounding the hooch, trotting back and forth between the garage to smoke and the dining room, where she’s been secreting her stash as of late. Zach & Jill headed upstairs to get ready to go out (kids!! Think 9pm is a fine time to get the night life started.) Cindy tottered into the family room where I was multitasking, picked up the remote and started surfing the channel guide for something to watch. All I said was “Excuse me, I was watching the game. Can we go back?”

She mumble/slurred something about me watching “the game” all week, when would she get to watch some TV? Without diving into details that I remember because I was sober, lets just say that I actually drove the remote for maybe 3 hours all week. This set off something I just don’t understand. She went so far as to leave her wedding & anniversary rings on my dresser that night. I put them back on her dresser, but she hasn’t worn them since.

Accordingly, we’re suddenly overdue for another one of those “talks”. All I have running through my head is that she has yet to take responsibility for her drinking. Well, duh! Dipshit. Of course not. I can’t force her to either, but I do need to sit her down and re-explain my attitude towards her, her drinking, and the combination of the two. When she gets to blaming me for her drinking again, all I can do is remind her that I didn’t buy the booze, I didn’t pour it in the glass, I didn’t put the glass in her hand or pour it in her mouth. All of those actions were hers and hers alone. Take some responsibility for your actions woman!!

So, yeah. That’s coming later today. Oh boy.

Nice workout yesterday though. Kicked some butt on the bike. Can’t wait to get outdoors and do some real riding. Maybe another month. Maybe.

I’m thinking about upgrading my account here so I can post pictures directly in the entries instead of pointing to my flickr account. That would make it easier to illustrate why we can’t go bike riding outside just yet. No shoulders to ride on. Oh – and the high for Tuesday is expected to be back into the low teens again. Wind chill is a real challenge at those temps.

Other than that, I got nothing. Just needed to vent my latest frustrations, on a Sundy morning no less. Not sure if Cindy is at the gym (at 9am on a Sunday?!?) or grocery shopping, but the opening was there, and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to bore y’all half to death, again.

Thanks for lending me your eyes.

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