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2007-03-08, 4:16 p.m.

Day 928

You canít make this stuff up:

Great Balls of Fire

For those non-clickers in the mix, that was a reference to a news story about a couple of drunk guys trying to re-create a J@ckass stunt. Lit a guys genitals on fire. With lighter fluid. The light-ee suffered 2nd degree burns. Very lucky guy. The light-er was hit with two charges, one of them a felony. Could get up to 10 years in jail. How can we get these DNA patterns out of the gene pool? Itís events like this that make me wonder why we hinder Darwinism?

Those two digits we got to use to describe out temperature yesterday? Both were 2ís. All the way up to 22. Might hit 40 tomorrow, and there are threats of getting into the 50ís by next week. Darn near tanning weather. If we can ever get rid of the snow piles, Iíll be dragging my old bike out for a few excursions around the county. Itís just with all the snow piled up around here, it creates visibility problems and wet patches. Neither of which are very fun on a bike. End of March. Biking time. Canít get here soon enough.

Played the part of the lazy bum again this morning and didnít get to the gym till 6:30. (Iím blaming having to stay up till 11pm to watch Lost.) By the time I got changed and upstairs it was too late to do both cardio & weights. Since cardio burns more calories Ė thatís what got done. Turned out pretty good though. Absolutely, positively smoked my previous best time for a 5K. Chopped 30 seconds off the old time averaging 7.99 mph for the trip. Scary part is, it almost felt easy. Makes me wonder how well calibrated these treadmills are. I bounce around from machine to machine, not correlating times & perceived effort with particular machines. Might start doing that. If I find that certain machines are yielding faster times for lesser efforts, I might just start avoiding them, cuz, well, that would satisfy the masochist in me.

Just to be clear (and fair). That TUI event and the cocktail-to-go Tuesday night? Not a regular thing. For all I know, Cindy took ice water with her to the gym and Zach misinterpreted the sound of the icemaker. Although he did mention seeing her mix the drink. Also, as far as I know, IF she took one to the gym, it was the only one she had all evening. She really does follow a 4 on/2 off cycle for the most part. Not precisely, but her drinking isnít an every day thing. Thatís part of what makes it frustrating. Sheíll go on a little drinking binge, Iíll withdraw from her in reaction to it. Sheíll have a few sober (dry) days, but will spend the time resenting me for withdrawing from her during her binge. Her friendliest moments are the first couple drinks of her next binge Ė but Iím already starting to withdraw again. Vicious cycle that I wish sheíd start to notice, but Iím afraid the addiction is clouding her perception. The near term goal is the detachment with compassion, not letting her binges, baiting, manipulation and tantrums harsh my own little buzz so to speak.

Registered for my first race of the year, unless I get froggy and try one in April. This race will be the1 year anniversary of my first 5K in xxxty-some years. With two months to go till race day, itís looking possible to shave 4 maybe 5 minutes off that initial time. That ought to move me to middle of the pack status, instead of last third or so.

Ugh. I just went and looked up the results. Overall, I was just on the cusp of the last third. In my age group? Apparently 45 Ė 49 year old men all run. I was 25 of 30. However, my spanking new times would move me up to 14 of 30, a mere 30 seconds behind my dentist. The dentist whoís only 6 months older than me and gave me lectures for years about my smoking. Last year he damn near keeled over when he saw me cross the finish line at this race (4.5 minutes AFTER him). This year, Iíd love to cross the line with or ahead of him. Naaahh Ė with would be cool. No need to get all uppity about it. Knowing Joe, heís just happy that I quit smoking and is pleased that Iím in the running circuit now. Itís kinda fun making your doctors happy every now & then. Makes them feel like someone is actually listening to them about health issues. Canít be letting it get to their heads though.

Hereís some neat stuff.

The pond as it started to thaw. I could actually see fish when peering into the areas of thawed water.

The pond 4 days later after a night at 0 degrees with a little extra snow thrown in. All those animal tracks off to the upper left? Deer. 12 feet from the house at that point. Little cedar munching machines!

Ah well. Took all day to put this together, in 5 minute spurts here & there. Time for bowling now. Gotta go bust a pin or two. Looks like Zach will be bowling with us again tonight. Hope he kicks my butt again. Itís good for the team. We need the points.

Later peepuls.

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