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Must be an Energy Star Day
2007-03-22, 11:41 a.m.

Day 942

Maybe it was the television line up last night. Sabres game at 7, Survivor at 8, SU basketball sometime in there and Lost at 10. Spent the night channel hopping amongst the 4 events. Sabres won, even saw a fair share of the goals even with the channel hopping. Survivor was what it was, although the guy I have ion the office pool got tossed. SU lost, but not after rallying back from a 17 point deficit and getting to within 2 points with less than a minute to go. Great effort, just came up a little short. Lost was the killer. Having to stay up till 11 (#^$@* east coast time) just wipes me out. No, I donít have DVR, and no, I wasnít smart enough to set up the VCR to tape it.

But that guy that used to play Roy on ďEmergency!Ē way back in the day, is actually Lockeís dad and Ben has him on the island!?!?! Whoa. Very interesting. What happened to Rousseau too? And Iím calling my satellite company today to find out about getting my DVR turned on. Supposed to be $5 a month. But I have 4 receivers (2 duals). If itís $5 each, Iíll have to pick & choose. Know what would be nice? A DVR unit with a DVD burner. Connected to my satellite system. They probably already make one, donít they?

Anyhow. Being technologically bereft (as opposed to challenged), I had to (HAD TO I say!!) stay up and watch Lost. Even managed to not snooze through any of it, like I usually do. But the price was paid this morning. No cycling class, so I figured to sleep in a bit, hit the gym, run for 40 minutes than go do weights. Had I gotten out of bed at 5:30, this might have been possible. But getting moving at 6:15 forced a change in plans. By the time I got to the gym, thought Iíd just do the 40 minute run and call it good. Then I started running. Oooff. No juice today. Maybe I started out too fast and didnít get into the long run pace soon enough. Maybe I wasnít really settled on what I wanted to do. I was bouncing around from thinking 5K to 30 minutes, to 40 minutes, just flaking out all the way. In the end, I bailed. My legs were dead. Called it quits at 20 minutes, did a cool down and hit the showers. Even with the shortened work out, barely made it to the salt mine on time. Had to have been that little chat session in the locker room about the upcoming JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge

Our company consistently fields one of the larger local teams for this event. Oddly enough, the team shows up with little or no actual funding from the corporate level. We each pay a token amount ($25 a head last year) and individual departments and divisions kick in funds from their organizations reserve funds. (No open bar at the department Christmas party this year. Boo-hoo. I never go to those ass kissing events anyhow) The outfit that runs our cafeterias usually steps up and caters dinner at some nominal cost. This year itís $6 a head for dinner. Based on what we had last year, thatís not a bad deal. It even included beer after the race. Some horrible, terribly light stuff, but beer at a company sponsored event. Rare.

That website about the race references a local competition Ė the Golden Snowball Award. Itís a tongue-in-cheek award presented to the snowiest NY city after each winter. Officially in the competition are Buffalo, Rochester (YAY!!), Syracuse, Albany and Binghamton. Seriously, the last two donít have a chance. Too far from a big lake. This years early results are posted, but thereís still a slim chance of more accumulation. Other areas get colder, other places get more snow, but no cities bigger than Buffalo, Syracuse & Rochester get more snow year after year. Which begs the question Ė Why in the hell do we still live here? . Thereís advantages (check out our housing prices) and disadvantages (check out our property taxes). But who knows really? Itís just home. Some people actually like the 4 seasons. And boy, do we get them.

What a curve ball this one has been. From griping about my TV watching habits to the gym to the Corporate challenge to snow. Ricochet much?

Stocked up on red Gatorade for Saturday experiment. Got a 1 quart bottle of Fruit Punch Gatorade. Only red one I could find. Iíll fill up my normal drinking jug for the cycling class. What doesnít fit (wonít be much) Iíll polish off before class. Go get in a nice hard workout, then get my butt home before the Gatorade hits bottom. Then itís just wait & pee.

Oh. New acronym developed Tuesday evening. SWUI. Swimming While Under the Influence. Another component of my tantrum. Shouldnít have let it get to me, but the combination of things conspiring against me just made me pop. Iím very sad to say that even Jill noticed. I thought she was safely tucked away upstairs studying. Guess having her room just above and to the east of the kitchen made it easy for her to hear what was going on. Oops. I talked to her, she understands she wasnít a contributor. Sheís uneasy enough having to deal with Cindyís ĎDrunklishí episodes, I donít need to make it worse. Tough lessons learned that night.


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