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Daily Updates, Really?
2007-04-01, 9:49 a.m.

Day 952

So this sponsorship stuff is already harder than I thought. Been at it two days and already forgot 50% of my daily updates. Of course, I can drop that to 33% as soon as I wrap things up here.

Im sitting here, taking advantage of a little alone time. Its 9:something on a Sunday morning, Cindy is off to get in her 1500 meter swim at the Y, and the kids are still sleeping. Alone time is good.

Got a sense of what Im in for in this Tour de Cure dealy. With the addition of the cycling studio at the Y, theyve added a bunch of classes. Now, on Saturday mornings its possible to do a full 60 minute class at 7:15 thats taught by a rotation of all the instructors, stay for a 30 minute beginners class at 8:25, and stay again for another 60 minute torture session at 9:00. In between classes, and while everybody else is doing their cool down stretches, you just stay in the saddle and keep peddling at a nice flat road resistance & pace.

Yesterday, just to get started at some kind of training for the Tour, I thought Id do the 30 minute beginners class and stay for the regular 9:00 session. At my current level of fitness, it turned out to be do-able, but at a small price. All day long, I was very aware of my legs. No pain at all, just a Hi, thanks for beating the crap out of us this morning! sensation. Nice & tingly. Next is to figure out how to gracefully stretch the cycling to a continuous 2 hours. Suppose I could just do the 7:15 & 9:00 classes and go do upper body weights in the interim. After a couple of weeks of that, I could maybe stay for the additional 30 minutes beginners class and just hide in the corner.

Did a boat load of lawn raking yesterday afternoon. Cleaning up from winter mostly. At least now the front yard is passable, and the worst of the back yard is cleaned up. Between mole damage, moss, last years maple seeds and downed branches from winter winds, the yard was in pretty sad shape. Since today is an off day from the gym, and I think I can press my indentured servant (Zach) into action, we ought to be able to knock off the rest of the raking.

Now that the worst of last falls leftover leaves have been picked up, we may even take the netting off the pond and start worrying about when to start feeding the fishies.

How about a laundry list of todays anticipated chores?

1 Finish yard raking
2 Change oil in vehicles
3 Fix rear tire on bike patch or replace tube
4 Clean out garage (potentially monumental)
5 Take off pond netting
6 Get over to The Bobs and show him where he hid all his shit again. Probably have him over for diner too.
7 Maybe go watch Zachs Roller Hockey game tonight.
8 Finish Erics taxes (easy)
9 Start The Bobs taxes (difficult)
10 Call Mike with my daily update. Pronto.

Thats enough for one day. Probably enough for 2 days, really. Since I hear some movement upstairs, Im gonna get going and press my indentured servants into action. Weve got a lot of things to accomplish before anybody earns their dinner today.

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