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No Bowling Again!!
2007-04-05, 3:14 p.m.

Day 956

For as much as it was a struggle bowling this season, I sorta miss it already. By my count, there are about 20 weeks until next season starts. That seems almost tolerable.

Meeting with my sponsor before tonightís meeting to discuss a few things. Probably have some reading/writing assignments coming out of this. If not, Iíll complain about it here, make up my own assignments and/or take on assignments from you all. Hmmm Ė better finish start a list of things I want to cover. I know some of the topics range from:
1 - dealing with an active drinker (Iíve proven again and again I suck at that)
2 - dealing with resentment associated with my attending
3 Ė getting started studying the steps

Thereís also going to be struggles over the whole God issue, but I think I will make do with calling the collective conscious of the Al Anon groups I associate with my ďhigher powerĒ That makes one fellow Al Anon-erís assertion that God is female that much more appropriate, as right now I can count 4 males out of 24+ regular attendees (myself included). So if they want to assert that my higher power is female Ė well, it looks like at least 5/6 of it is. I wonder Ė if God is female, does she get PMS? Or is that what thunder storms are?

That was deep, wasnít it?

Hereís a sample of what the deer do to our Arborvitae (White Cedar) This is a Globe Arborvitae, about 2.5 feet tall, 2.5 feet in diameter, positioned right off our patio Ė not 15 feet from the house.

Thatís the side that got blown down and covered by snow. The other side however:

was not covered by snow and was left exposed to the deer that wander through our back yard. Lovely, isnít it?

When I bought that particular plant, 8 or 10 years ago, it probably cost $15 and might have been all of 8 or 9 inches in diameter. I shudder to think what a mature replacement will cost. It will not be an Arborvitae though. Something in a spruce or juniper will be just fine. I canít see me ever getting the deer to stop eating my bushes, so I may as well plant something they find a little less delicious. Although, truth be told, theyíre scraping the bottom of the barrel when they start munching Arborvitae. Not a lot of nutrition there, but they only eat it when everything else is under a blanket of snow.

Lets see Ė Pedaling with Patty the speed demon yesterday, ran 3.5 miles this morning, tomorrow is an off day from work, but I think Iíll go see Gary the sadistic bastard for Fridayís normal cycling torture, then sneak in a full round of Nautilus. What better way to wake up on a day off?? Well, yes, I can in fact think of a better way, but, but . . . it comes down to a matter of reliability (it ainít a sure thing) and duration of intensity (it ainít an hour at full speed) Now if the subject were to come up later in the morning, after the gym? Well, a little extra cardio never really hurt anyone. But the way things have been lately, Iíd have better luck surfing Craigslist looking for that Ďlap danceí

Found a site that collects pictures of scars and the stories behind them. When I have my own submission finished, Iíll post a link to the site & article. The premise of the site is that every scar has a story. In my case, that is certainly true. Only catch is that it never links names with pictures & stories. Keeps things rather anonymous. Iíll leave you hints as to which is mine. Itís only a leg, what the heck.

Taking vacation next week. Supposedly to swap the family and living rooms. Itís a size thing. It makes sense, but itís the getting there that will be painful. The vacation and subsequent relocation of everything (including the computer) on the first floor of the house may make me scarce for a wee bit. ĎTis only temporary. Iíll drag my carcass back soon enough.

If I donít get back before hand, hope everyone has a Happy Easter.

Oh!!! special congratulations to Alison who will celebrate her Very, Very Good Friday by getting hitched!! She promised a picture too. Certainly by Monday, right Alison? Best wishes to you & your beloved. Itíll be a great weekend!!

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