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To Ticket or Not
2007-04-26, 9:38 a.m.

Day 977

Due to my (cough, cough) highly cultured status, I get emails letting me know about upcoming shows in our area. These shows range from sporting events to musicals. Through them, weve gone to see Riverdance, Annie, The Mambo Kings (local jazz/mambo fusion band. Fantastic) and the Lion King (spectacular) neat cultural things like that.

This morning, I got notice that Alison Krauss will be performing at a local outdoor venue this coming August and I can get advance sale tickets before the general public, starting this morning. Now, Ive heard her name, but Im not familiar with her music. What does she do? Isnt she kind of country/folk style? I somehow got the impression she was more well known down south (heh, relative to me, nearly EVERYTHING is south), and since I have a fair number of readers from south of me, I thought Id put it out there.

Heres why. Got a call from one of my brothers yesterday. He has a pair of tickets to go see Spamalot (Monty Python). Due to his daughter having a solo music competition that same night, his wife will be doing the music thing with the daughter (shes really, really good) and my brother was looking for a date for Friday night. Having an appreciation for wacked out British comedy (told you I was cultured), I signed up. In the process, I sorta bartered with Cindy, offering up a Martina McBride concert in trade. Except shes here in town Saturday night and Im sure all the good tickets are gone. I know what McBride sings and I dont think I could take an entire evening of it. Not sure if two days is enough time for Cindy to find a work buddy to go with her. People got lives, you know.

So I was thinking that maybe Id get some Alison Krauss tickets. Id like them to be a surprise, but I really need to know what kind of music she does before I take the plunge. This venue shes playing in August is outdoors, but for a price, you can get tickets under a roof always a wise idea because you never know what the weather is going to do around here. So before I invest in the costlier tickets, I need to know. Think shes got anything out on Limewire or iTunes? Paying a buck a song would be worth it I suppose. Hmmm. Better go get my little MP3 player for the gym and get busy. But if any of you have any knowledge of her singing style, speak up please.

Almost had a nice run this morning. Was shooting for 4 miles, but petered out at 3.5 due to excessive speed. Dangit. Thought I was going slow enough to make 4. Plus I was crunched for time, had some algebra test question on my mind, and was fretting over dinner tonight. Plus, I was in the 2nd row of machines and couldnt see the TVs well enough without my glasses so I wasnt picking up the details of Sports Center. All that really mattered was that the Sabres won, and I already know that, but picking up some of the rest would have been nice. Oh well, thats what the internet is for, right?

Think Ill get this posted as is. Then I can get on with my day at least. If any of you know whats up with Ms. Krauss, shout out, would ya?

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